How out of control debt is the problem

October 2, 2011

Politics/National Debt

This is a very good and easy to understand explanation of our debt problem, the cause and the inevitable solutions. Would a current president confiscate personal wealth such as gold, like FDR did during the Great Depression? Could it happen again. I remember reading that at the turn of the century a $20 gold piece could buy a man 2 nice suits. Today, that same $20 gold piece could buy….2 nice suits. That is inflation folks!

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5 Comments on “How out of control debt is the problem”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    In the year 2000, we had a balanced budget. All we need to do is reverse all the damaging policies that created the enormous deficits, like the Bush/Obama tax cuts and defense spending.


    • laura997 Says:

      Agreed, along with repealing the health care act, the EPA carbon dioxide (GHG) emission regulations, eliminate the DOE, Dept of Education, HHS, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd Frank, stop subsidies of all green energy programs, on and on. The spending has to stop. It is not a tax problem it is a spending problem.


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