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Muslims committing 95% of rapes against Norwegian women

January 1, 2013


This is happening all over Europe, the left blames the victims, and the women are stripped of their human rights. Muslim zones are subject to Shari’ah law within Western countries.  Recently I observed a woman in Tampa shopping in a mall wearing as close to a burqa as I have seen so far…walking behind her […]

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Brutal honor killing in Egypt now that Musim Brotherhood has taken control

September 25, 2012


This is what our government has allowed to take over Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. This is happening in the US, even in Tampa, and our local police and government officials do not do anything about it. They call it an accidental death and brush it under the carpet so as not to offend the […]

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Americans Demand To Know The Truth About The Death Of Fatima Abdallah

August 29, 2011

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On August 10th I posted a fourth article on Big Peace about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the August 2009 death of Fatima Abdallah. In the article was a link to Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General, encouraging readers to request her assistance in re- opening an investigation into the case and the medical examiner’s determination of […]

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Suspected honor killing of Fatima Abdallah investigation continues in Tampa

August 12, 2011


Florida Family Association reports a discouraging development on the request to re-open the investigation of the death of Fatima Abdallah, the Palestinian woman who died under very suspicious circumstances in Tampa in August of 2009: David Caton, Executive Director of Florida Family Association, hired a private investigator to review the police and medical examiners reports […]

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Closer to justice for Fatima

July 4, 2011


In a press release dated June 23, 2011, David Caton, Executive Director of Florida Family Association, has announced that his request to the Florida Medical Examiners Commission to investigate the Medical Examiner Report in the August 2009 death of Fatima Abdallah has been granted. Read the rest of my article in Big Peace here.

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