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Right Reason Newsletter August 7, 2012

August 7, 2012


  WND: Obama’s 2nd Term Plans For Your Paycheck Exposed – Anytime you hear the term economic justice, or fairness, it should activate a warning alert in your head.  This is an assault on your freedom!  Your labor…what you are willing to work for…and your income…are your personal property.  You have a God-given right to […]

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Truth About International Baccalaureate – Teachers speak out

June 1, 2012


My friend over at Truth About IB has received emails from teachers across the globe, affirming our concerns that the IB programmes are damaging to our children’s education. Check them out here.

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Truth about International Baccalaureate

May 17, 2012

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My blogger friend at ‘Truth About IB’ has posted a letter on her website from a teacher, who has been participating in the International Baccalaureate schools PYP programs. It is a great assessment of what we have been trying to shed light on about this “international” education. It does not focus on teaching our children […]

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Before you enroll your child in an International Baccalaureate programme, listen to my show on Steel on Steel

December 11, 2011


Click on the link TruthAbout IB. My friend and anti-IB cohort Lisa McLoughlin and I joined John Loeffler of Steel on Steel and spoke about the facts surrounding the history and methodology of this international plan directly tied to the United Nations through UNESCO to indoctrinate our children and create global citizens who will seek […]

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Pinellas Schools offer International Baccalaureate Programme from K – 12

August 23, 2011


As the 2011-2012 school year begins for students in Pinellas County, parents have several options from which to choose in directing their children’s educational track.  The international baccalaureate programme is currently being offered for three grade levels. The Primary Years Programme is available to students in grades K – 5 at the James B. Sanderlin […]

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