January 16, 2018


Weekly Forum: How Would You Deal With The DACA Issue?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: How Would You Deal With The DACA Issue?

Patrick O’Hannigan: I don’t know what a viable legislative solution to the DACA puzzle would or should like, but I do think that the Trump administration could apply appropriate political pressure on Congresscritters through a sustained public education campaign that involved more than occasional press briefings by Sarah Sanders. We could all stand being reminded that words mean things, and that “Deferred Action” does not mean “kicking the can down the road for another generation.” Trump is already under fire for pointing out that “temporary visas” should be just that — temporary. His people lose no credibility if they add another defense of the English language to the political lexicon. which has the incidental benefit of forcing at least a few politicians on both sides of the aisle to confront their own hypocrisy.

A public education campaign should also make the point that DACA is NOT rooted in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, but in an executive order advanced by then-president Barack Obama. Anything created by executive order can also be undone by executive order. By forcing Congress to deal with the issue, President Trump is actually showing some restraint. The media loves to portray him as impulsive or impetuous. I think the only arena where that holds true is in his Twitter account. In fact, “No Drama Obama” was more impulsive than the executive with the orange mane whom we have in the White House now.

Bookworm Room:Well, you’d have to start by getting rid of every activist judge in America — such as the one who recently held that Obama had the right to issue an illegal executive order regarding immigration, but that Trump has no right to undo that order. He takes is place in a long and dishonorable line-up of judges who ignore the Constitution and duly passed law to achieve Progressive goals. Nothing will happen with DACA as long as we have judges like that.

I’m weird in that I believe in enforcing the law as written. If you don’t like the law, you change the law; you don’t have the Deep State, the Chamber of Commerce, and RINOs bypass the law entirely, while castigating the law abiding as racist, bigoted haters.

So, my solution: Start deporting everyone who is here illegally. Yes, there are a lot. Eventually, though, we won’t have to deport all of them. People will figure out that the government is actually serious about its laws. At that point, those who are here illegally, rather than being rushed out on someone else’s timetable, will move elsewhere in an orderly manner — or apply for political asylum if they need it.

Also, I’d strip all government monies from illegals. Every last dime.

Yes, this is cold and cruel, but at a certain point, you either decide to cut out the cancer or accept that it’s going to kill you. We cannot and should not be responsible for every disastrous country in the world. They and their citizens must take responsibility for themselves. Nowhere in the Constitution is America mandated to take in millions of illiterate, often medieval, people. In the 19th century, when a pre-technological world needed bodies, immigration policies were one way; in the 21st century, well, they need to be another way.

And no, I don’t want to hear “what about the children”? Children are always the pawns of adults’ poor decisions. If I’m going to care about the children, I’m going to care about children whose are legal Americans: Children who live in Democrat-run ghettos, children whose parents are in prison, children who are trapped in public schools because Progressives, buoyed at voting booths by illegals, refuse to issue vouchers. You know, those children.

In terms of real world solutions, I have none. These are just ardent fantasies from someone who believes that, without the rule of law, we’re in the fast lane to becoming a shithole country.

 Rob Miller : I have to admit, there’s a humorous side to this one. President Barack Hussein Obama creates an illegal and unconstitutional amnesty program out of whole cloth benefiting one particular demographic at the expense of all others  and bypasses congress. No fuss, no muss.

Meanwhile, President Trump, who is supposed to be the impetuous one doesn’t just end it…as he could have. He actually throws it back to congress, where it should have been in the first place  according to the separation of powers doctrine and catches holy hell for it!

Even funnier, when Trump actually meets in congress to try and outline a deal, (A) some jerkwater Clinton appointee ‘judge’ in San Francisco pulls a judgement out of his nether regions saying that while Obama could illegally create DACA, Trump can’t legally end it…and (B) the Democrats and their RINO amnesty groupies ignore everything that Trump wanted included at the prior meeting in exchange for cutting the DACA illegal migrants a break, and present him with an amnesty bill, saying that they would work on Trump’s border security wants later, after the bill is passed! Which of course killed the whole thing. If I were the president, I’d not only be angry for being presented something like that by these fools, but for the insult to my own intelligence. Since the Democrats will not give an inch, this will bounce around until March when the thing dies of its own foul accord.So there will be deportations.

Ohhhh-kay, solutions? First off, the whole DACA scam has been presented to the American people as a Hollywood production, with carefully selected ‘Dreamers’ who speak English, all seem to be well groomed college students or graduates and talk about America as ‘their country’ with lovely, meaningless platitudes. In reality, a fair number are on welfare along with their family members who were allowed to join them, are not even high school graduates, and are barely literate, and commit a fair amount of crimes on a per capita basis.

In addition, a fair amount of those DACA’s who are literate are noted for their sense of entitlement, ingratitude and lack of connection with America. We can certainly do without them. After all, someone who’s a college graduate can certainly contribute in making his or her own country great again, ¿Entiendes?

Ideally, we could take the time to vet the 800,000 or so DACA population and allow the small number who actually aren’t on public assistance, aren’t felons, have skills we need and a connection with America to have residence permits, with no pathway to citizenship and no voting rights under pain of immediate deportation without appeal for any violation. Thanks to the antics of some of the swamp creatures in the DC Lagoon, we lack the time to do that. And I admittedly don’t find much sympathy for the parents. Many of the DACA illegal migrants came as unaccompanied minors and could easily  have been victimized by human traffickers. The whole idea was for them to come across, get green cards and then send for the entire family and perhaps some ‘cousins’ who weren’t family members. Obama and his minions couldn’t have cared less.

It’s not well known, but America basically had a moratorium on immigration (not that the DACA crowd are actually immigrants) that started in 1920 and ended in the 1960’s. One reason was because we had a need to assimilate the huge rush of legal immigrants coming to America from countries like Russia, Czechoslovakia,Hungary, the Baltic States, Armenia, Poland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Scandinavia, East Asia and other locales. As it was, those migrants were all carefully vetted, and refused entry if they didn’t meet our requirements at that time. There was also no social welfare state then, and many immigrant communities organized self help charities on their own to take care of indigents in need, help them learn English and in many cases find employment.

Some immigrants were indeed allowed to come in during that forty year period,but very few. The ones let in either had special skills, money to invest in America, or a powerful sponsor to grease the wheels. So people like Marlene Dietrich, Billy Wilder, Thomas Mann, Werner Von Braun, Einstein, etc. were allowed in. After WWII, a lot of servicemen who married Japanese, Korean or German spouses got them in as well. Some Holocaust survivors were also allowed in as refugees, especially if they had family here or special skills we needed. But legal immigration slowed from a torrent to a trickle.

We badly need to get back to a value added standard for immigration, and the current climate with Islamism mandates that we be a lot more particular who we let in and vet them far more carefully. And it might be smart also to take some time to limit migration until we have a breathing space to assimilate those who are here.

David Schuler: As I’ve mentioned before I think that those brought to the United States by their parents as children deserve some sort of leniency. Not just for the reasons usually cited—they don’t know any country but this one, etc.—but, importantly, because they’ve done nothing wrong. Their parents did.

Criteria need to be determined and those criteria should be enforced. Questions that should be asked include:

  1. By what age should they have been brought here? I think that kids brought in as babes in arms are different than 15 year olds.
  2. Should they be made to demonstrate that they have no attachment to their countries of origin and how would that be demonstrated?
  3. How long should they have been here?
  4. Will other requirements be imposed, e.g. they’re working, attending school full-time, or serving in the military, etc.?

I’m open to arguments about the conditions if any under which they should be eligible for citizenship. I don’t think that their parents should be given legal status automatically and possibly not ever.

Don Surber: Donald Trump is handling the illegal and unconstitutional — but popular due to a Marxist press — DACA brilliantly.
First he announced in September that DACA was illegal and unconstitutional, and gave Congress six months to fix it. Then he met with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They agreed to hold further talks.

This month, Trump brought everyone together for a talk on DACA.

Nothing has changed. Democrats have made no progress. Trump’s demands are the Wall, an end to chain migration, and the end of the immigration lottery.

He may as well also ask for the moon and the sun. Democrats cannot give him any of that because they need immigration to grow in order to sustain their party, which is built on the constant addition of angry, entitled political blocs.

Come March, Trump ends DACA. Democrats freak out. The public cheers.

Laura Rambeau Lee : By signing an executive order in June of 2012 President Obama overstepped his authority and granted the children of illegal immigrants’ renewable two year deferments from deportation and the ability to obtain permits to legally work in the United States. President Trump rescinded this executive order in September of 2017. Establishing our immigration policy falls under the duties of Congress and it is up to Congress to pass legislation related to this matter.

Although the numbers have reduced dramatically since President Trump took office, for several decades we have seen an influx of illegal aliens entering our country. Estimates of between twelve and twenty million people are living here in the shadows illegally. We cannot keep kicking this can down the road. These people are a massive drain on our resources. President Trump rightfully told Congress they should pass a bill and he will sign it.

Reports disclose there are approximately eight hundred thousand people who fall into the DACA category; children who were brought to the United States by their parents illegally before they were sixteen years of age. Many of them have no recollection of their birth countries. Although many staunch right-wingers insist on the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants, to forcibly deport them would be perceived as not compassionate.

We have to have room to compromise and these DACA individuals seem the logical place where conservatives can agree with the Democrats. We should use this to our advantage as we insist that any legislation include building the border wall and require the immediate deportation of any illegal immigrants found guilty of a major crime or violence or involvement with drugs. I like the idea proposed by Senator Rand Paul. We take perhaps two hundred thousand of these DACA eligible people each year and process them through our normal immigration system; and by lessening the number of new immigration applications by that same number we maintain our immigration quota. In less than a decade the DACA individuals will have been legally integrated into our country. Of course we must fully vet them and make sure they have not been involved in any felonies or major crimes including identity theft or drug dealings, that they share American values, speak English, and continue to be employed. They must also be required to attend citizenship classes although they should not be given a straight path to citizenship. If they fail to stay employed or commit a felony or major crime they should be deported immediately. After ten years of fulfilling these obligations if they choose they can apply for citizenship, but only if they have proven to be a positive asset to their community and our country.

The Democrats seem bent on obstructing any legislation except for full amnesty for all illegal immigrants. Republicans are in control and must stand firm on insisting that any immigration policy passed includes building the border wall to prevent future illegal immigration, deporting any illegal immigrants found guilty of a major crime, and increasing security at our borders. A path for legal status, although not necessarily citizenship, for DACA individuals would be a compromise Americans will see as compassionate. Will the Democrats stand united against a compromise on an immigration bill as we saw with the income tax reduction bill? If they do not compromise and join in passing a bipartisan bill that President Trump can sign, I believe the 2018 mid-term elections will not go well for the Democrats. Americans are tired of Congress not working together for the betterment of the American people and our country. We are tired of being told we must accept illegal immigrants with open arms or being called racist if we want our laws to be enforced. We want Congress to do their job.

Well, there it is!

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January 10, 2018


Weekly Forum: What Are Your 2018 Predictions?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question:What Are Your 2018 Predictions?

David Schuler: I’ve given up doing predictions at the end of each year.

I had an annual prediction post for the better part of a decade and my track record was pretty good- about 85% correct IIRC. However, nowadays despite my greater engagement with the outside world (or maybe because of it), I find making meaningful predictions very difficult indeed. I mean, very few predicted Trump’s first defeating the Republican and then the Democratic Parties.

Here’s a near term prediction for you: the mullahs in Iran won’t be driven from power by street demonstrations. That would take a real shootin’ revolution and that does not seem to be materializing.

Here’s an example of why I don’t make predictions any more: at this time next year Chicago and Illinois will be in worse fiscal shape than they are today. That’s hardly a prediction more a foregone conclusion.

Instead I’ll wish us all the best, happiest, and healthiest of New Years.

Don Surber: My predictions for 2018 are modest after 2017, which as we know was the best year in American history.

This year will be better because Trump will be president for all 365 days, not just the last 345 that followed his inauguration.

Clip and save:
1. The Dow closes above 30,000.
2. Unification talks between the Koreas yield some fruits. The best thing for everyone would be Kim Jong Un reaching an exile deal with China, which now sees North Korea more as a hindrance than a buffer zone.
3. DACA is resolved. Democrats either end chain migration and get DACA in part, or Trump goes ahead and ends DACA.
4. The wall is half finished before anyone notices.
5. Iran’s mullahs hang on but Hezbollah is dead. Hamas too. Palestinians seek peace. Bibi tells them to pound salt. He becomes the most popular man in Gaza.
6. England botches the Brexit, pisses off Trump, and basically becomes France without the cuisine or vineyards.
7. Investors leave Londonistan because of security concerns.
8. Republicans figure out a way to hang onto the House and gain the first filibuster-proof Republican Senate.
9. Fears of inflation are offset by the increased take-home pay and bonuses following the tax cut will ease pressure to raise pay.
10. Finally — and I may be going out on a limb here — but the Cleveland Browns will win a game. This will end my NFL boycott.

Rob Miller : Ah, 2018! Lessee…

I personally see 2018 as something of a watershed year in history. 2017, to borrow from Sir Winston, was not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning. 2018 will see whether the process continues and which way it goes.

Politics? 2018 in America will of course be dominated by the midterms. The Angry Left has two primary objectives. The first one is to elect as many far Left congressmen as they can while holding on to what they have. They still fantasize about impeaching President Trump.   The second will be to introduce both the talking points and the players jockeying for 2020.

I would be surprised to see them take either house of Congress, but recent events suggest the Senate won’t be a walkover for either party. The Democrats have a lot of seats in Trump Country to defend, and they will certainly lose some of those. But OTOH, two seats the GOP would likely have won could very well slip out of their hands. Josh Mandel quit his campaign in Ohio today due to his wife’s illness, so Sherrod Brown could win re-election. And the influx of traditionally Democrat voting Puerto Ricans into central Florida could very well doom Rick Scott’s senate bid to take out Bill Nelson. Alsoexpect the #metoo tactic used to torpedo Roy Brown will be used extensively.

The fake news will continue, as will President Trump’s tweets. Mueller has said he wants another year on the gravy train for his investigation, a sign that he has found little or nothing worth the time or the millions spent just yet. At the same time, DOJ investigations are being opened on the Uranium 1 scandal, the Clinton Foundation and exactly what was behind the whitewash Ms. Clinton was given by the FBI. This will start with minions like Huma Abedin and move up the ladder as the rats turn on each other.

I predict that the Democrats will refuse to give  President Trump what he wants to sign off on a DACA amnesty. Their voter base won’t stand for it. Based on precedents, he would be wise not to trust any assurances they give him on this matter.

The president has done a great deal to free up the economy. This will promote an amazing amount of prosperity (as well as government revenue) in 2018. Companies are already giving employees bonuses to keep them loyal as competition increases for the best people.

Automation will increase, but only in blue cities where huge increases in minimum wages are voted in by city councils and state legislators. The answer, of course will be robotics, something already happening in places like Seattle and San Francisco…with predictable results.

And speaking of robots, rest assured you will see technical advances in both male and female sex robots. The AI will be improved and things like more mobile, human like muscle movement, particularly in facial muscles will be improved. We will also see sex robot brothels, something that is already beginning in Europe and a few other places.

Foreign affairs, something I’ve always been interested in…wonderfully feminine with a delightful accent…hmmm….

Never mind.

One of the things about President Trump that has delighted me is his grasp of foreign policy. The Left as always is clueless, but what our president is doing is forming a coalition of the free democracies and sympathetic wanna bes, especially those with a significant military quotient. This includes Australia, India, Israel, the Visograd nations in Eastern Europe and their allies,the Baltic states, newly rearming Japan, and to a degree, Egypt, the Saudis and the Sunni led Emirates among others. Canada also properly belongs on this list, and when push comes to shove, even with Trudeau in charge the Canadians will be there, just as they always have. It should also be noted that these are all allies President Obama seriously damaged our relationships with, almost to the point of dissolution in some cases.

At the same time, President Trump is also rebuilding our own military while distancing America from ‘allies’ who never were anything of the kind, like Turkey, Pakistan, and some of the other clown countries in the UN. Also part of this list are the declining powers of Western Europe; Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands,among others. None of these EU countries have much of a military clout anymore, and all have large populations of restive, aggressive Muslims to appease. France still has a military, but its armies are now mostly deployed on its own soil trying to maintain a vestige of law and order in its cities. Britain’s military, particularly the Royal Navy is a shadow of its former self after years of budget cuts, and Germany’s Bundeswehr is an underfunded, undermanned joke that can’t even defend its women and children. Jah, Das ist aber schade.

This, to me, is a sign that a number of security threats allowed to fester for decades are finally going to be dealt with one way or the other in the near future. I am speaking specifically of the 17 year old War on Jihad, and a reckoning with Iran and North Korea, not Russia or China. Neither of those countries could afford a war with the U.S. economically, nor would it benefit them in the slightest. China will go the way of 1980’s Japan, building factories and hiring Americans. Russia has a number of severe problems to deal with, not least the demographic one involving the growing number of Muslims in the Russian Federation.

In the Middle East is as always a proxy war staging ground. You will see the Russians slowly withdrawing from all but their naval bases and a few strategic areas in Syria. Iran will be replacing them, and depending on how deep the Iranians penetrate and whether they start putting missile bases in Syria, you will almost certainly see major response by a certain country. I would rate the chances of actual, full blown hostility between Hezbollah, Iran, what’s left of the Syrian military and that certain country at around 50-60%, depending on the factors I mentioned.

Oddly enough, I see the chances of war between Hamas and this certain country as much less.

Contrary to what you might read, rest assured that the recent news that Hamas is releasing it’s arms to Abbas and PA control is sheer propaganda. Hamas still is holding on to their arms, but doing their best to keep things quiet while Abbas continues to wage war on this certain country at the UN, the ICC and anywhere else he can think of. The missiles being fired right now are from Islamic Jihad and ISIS subsidiaries in Sinai. When the time comes, the Arabs whom call themselves ‘Palestinians’  will try to recreate the situation they had before, during the second intifada. Abbas and the PA will attempt to act out with protests and diplomatic warfare while Hamas gets plausible deniability while carrying out most of the killing. I doubt it will work anywhere near as well as it did in 2000, but it’s essentially all they have left.

The Houthis will be run out of Yemen, and increased sanctions on Iran as well as increased oil supplies are going to play havoc with Iran’s economy and result in increased civil unrest. The EUrines will continue to be Iran’s chief benefactors economically, something President Trump could make very costly for them by prohibiting companies and individuals trading with Iran to have access to the US banking system. GW Bush did this to al-Qaeda in one of the few smart moves he ever pulled off to stop jihad, and it had a major effect on them.

Fausta Rodriquez Wertz : I don’t usually make predictions, but going by the bombogenesis surrounding the Fire and Fury book, the Left will not only continue but intensify its efforts to remove Pres. Trump for office.

The more effective Trump is, the more books and fake quack psychiatrists will sprout like moss on an old tree. Or on a vagina costume.

Bookworm Room: I have two sets of predictions, depending on whether I’m in an optimistic mood or not. I’ll start with the pessimistic predictions, so that I can end on a cheerful note with the optimistic ones:

Pessimistic possibilities in 2018 and beyond:

Mueller manages to pull together a package showing that Trump (who Wolff claims in Fire and Fury didn’t even want to win the presidency) nevertheless colluded with Russia and than engaged in obstruction of justice to hide this fact. Despite the complete absence of evidence to support either charge, the media, which remains peculiarly powerful despite open its bias and insanity, manages to convince the bulk of the American people that Trump is not fit to be president, forcing a Nixonian resignation.

The moment Pence steps into Trump’s shoes, the Progressive Wolff pack begins a sustained attack against him, alleging that his hostility to gays shows that he is mentally ill and must be pushed out of office.

With the unending chaos surrounding the Oval Office, the American people attempt to clean house by handing both the House and the Senate to the hard-Left, Progressive wing of the Democrat party. If the timing on this works out well, Pence’s being pushed out of office coincides with Nancy Pelosi having retaken her position as Speaker of the House. She is now President Pelosi.

At this point, two things can happen. First, flush with power, Pelosi clings to her new position like a tick embedded in a pig’s ear. Alternatively, having ascended to the White House, she appoints Michelle Obama as her Vice President and promptly resigns. Michelle Obama is now president of the United States and, for the first time, is really, really proud of her country.

Either way, whether President Michelle or President Nancy occupies the White House, the fundamental changes Barack Obama dreamed off now take off on afterburners. Medicine is fully socialized; our border is opened wide; taxes on the wealthy and corporations soar to 90% in all brackets; conservative Supreme Court justices sporting unexplained black eyes and damaged knee caps are “encouraged” to resign, only to be replaced by judges from the Ninth Circuit; Sharia law is declared compatible with the Constitution and quickly becomes the unofficial law of the land; women start wearing burqas as a voluntary rape preventative; in order to definitively wipe out “white provilege,” abortion is mandatory for all genetically Caucasian children; all surviving children of color are encouraged to abandon any gender roles and to end voluntary reproduction to save the planet (although Muslims are given a pass on this diktat lest the new government be viewed as Islamophobic; and, eventually, the remaining citizens of the United States gently slide under complete United Nations control. Americans are told that the best is yet to come.

Optimistic possibilities in 2018 and beyond:

The Inspector General’s report completely vindicates Trump, proving that, not only did he do nothing wrong, but that the Obama administration engaged in illegal spying and other election meddling against him. While it’s questionable whether any charges can be leveled against Obama himself (he was careful to keep his fingerprints off things), those who served in Obama’s State Department (starting with Hillary), the DOJ (starting with Holder and Lynch), the FBI (starting with Comey), and all other agencies involved in trying to throw the election or in enriching themselves in Pay for Play schemes are trying to convince themselves that orange really is the new black, and that a white house is still a White House even if the sign over the door says “Federal Penitentiary” rather than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Freed from the burden of onerous taxes and regulations, the economy soars. The greatest benefits flow to blacks and Hispanics, who start to get an inkling of the fact that the Democrat Party has been using them as election fodder since Roosevelt’s presidency.

The combination of the great economy and the realization among blacks and Hispanics that freedom is their friend means that there is a giant Republican wave in the mid-term elections, sweeping everything before it at the federal, state, and local levels. Everyone acknowledges that Trump will get a second term. The assumption is that, after him, the Presidency and Vice Presidency will be occupied for at least four more elections by some combination of Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz, or their intellectual heirs.

The American military, which is now under the control of military strategists and tacticians, rather than a community organizer, makes it plain to all jihadists that they will all be sent to those 72 virgins with such speed and in such numbers that there’ll be long lines in Paradise, with many jihadists waiting millennia for a chance at their erotic reward. The jihad against the West collapses.

Fracking will mean that the Muslim Middle East suffers an economic crack-up. The American Marshall plan will promise relief only if Sunni and Shia nations embrace Enlightened Western manners and mores — and the men start holding real jobs.

The Iranian people overthrow the Mullahs. The nation either devolve into utter chaos, taking it out of the world equation for several years, or, which is devoutly to be hoped, it returns to the pro-Western values and policies that characterized Iran before the 1979 Revolution.

America gets a southern border wall and chain immigration ends completely. The price, unfortunately, is DACA, but we are a sensible people and recognize that we live in an imperfect world. On the good side, California loses all federal funding and its top officials, starting with Jerry Brown, end up in federal prison for violating immigration laws. Indeed, in every sanctuary town and city in America, those government officials who imposed and enforced sanctuary policies spend time in Club Feds.

America’s strong support for Israel, combined with the economic collapse of Arab Muslim states and Iran’s temporary sidelining, sees Israel finally free from economic, terrorist, and military threats. She continues to be a world leader in science and technology.

The idea of anthropogenic climate change is kicked to the curb where it belongs. America continues to focus on clean air and water, as well as environmental preservation, because we recognize that we are stewards for the earth and want to leave something lovely for our children and grandchildren. Nevertheless, without the Marxist, redistributionist insanity of climate change, our efforts do not destroy the economy, do not leave people to die in the cold or heat, and do not turn food crops into dirty fuel. Instead, we have room for sane and affordable environmental management.

We return to a scientific mindset that holds that, barring occasional genetic mistakes, there are only two sexes: male and female. We feel compassion for those people who suffer from body dysmorphia, and avoid discriminating against them as much as possible. However, we do not engage in their craziness by pretending that mere belief affects ones sex identity.

Universities are required to guarantee student loans. In the event they are called upon to repay a deadbeat ex-student’s loan, they can offer as defenses the fact that the student has deliberately avoided employment; has been legitimately ill (physically or mentally); or has died. Otherwise, Harvard’s endowment is on the line. The evidence piles up that the loans on which universities most frequently make good are for Womyn’s, Queer, and African studies. Who knew?

Universities are denied any federal funding if the ratio of administration to faculty exceeds a 1:1 ratio.

Bakers are not required to bake cakes for anybody.

The U.S. withdraws all funding from the U.N., which collapses completely. The building at Turtle Bay is turned into a New York-based campus for Hillsdale College. The campus is a donation, without strings attached, and Hillsdale continues to refuse all government monies.

Europe does what Europe does. Thanks to President Trump, we have breathing space in fortress America. We do not squander our blood and gold trying to rescue Europe from its suicidal fecklessness.

America is great again. It’s not perfect because nothing is. But it is a bastion of individual liberty and free market wealth. It is a light among nations and people queue up (legally) for the opportunity to enter. Immigrants, incidentally, are required to comply with American law, rather than demanding that the law comply with them. If they like their doctrines, manners, mores, and customs so much that they are unwilling to change, they can stay in their home countries.

Laura Rambeau Lee : I wish I had a crystal ball.  We are engaged in a clash of ideologies in our country right now that I believe could go either way.  As we are nearing the end of President Trump’s first year the Democrats still refuse to accept the fact that they were defeated. Whatever they stand for has been soundly rejected by the American people. President Obama set the stage for Hillary Clinton to complete the fundamental transformation of America… and they LOST!

The scandals and crimes of the Obama and Clinton years that the media refused to cover or report on may finally be investigated and prosecuted. It appears that they are in full panic mode. All they can do to deflect and distract is attack the president and that is what they are doing. They are trying everything to get him removed from office.It is truly incredible.

The latest attempt questions President Trump’s sanity and competence and the pundits are talking about invoking the 25th Amendment. Seriously? These are the same people who insist that human activity affects the temperature of the earth and that there are more than two genders. And are they saying a mentally unfit and unstable person defeated Hillary Clinton? What does that say about their candidate?

What we do know is the effects of the income tax reduction bill will be reflected in workers paychecks beginning in February. When people see more money in their bank accounts how are the Democrats, none of whom voted for the bill, going to explain that the Republicans are NOT for the average American? All of the hyperbole, the continued narrative of the mental state of President Trump, the push to impeach him for who knows what, will fall on the deaf ears of people who are feeling better about their personal economic situation.  More Americans will realize the Democrat Party has been infiltrated by people with a radical agenda that if implemented will destroy our country.  If the economy continues on its current trajectory the 2018 election should be good for Republicans and I believe it will.

I am hopeful that 2018 is a year for restoration of sanity and certainty and a restoration of the rule of law, as this is the only way we can defeat the un-American agents in our government and the media.

In my predictions for 2018, of one thing I am certain – President Trump will continue to drive the left crazy with his Tweets.

Patrick O’Hannigan : I predict that in 2018:

1. U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis will NOT say that “Islam” means “peace.”
2. Twitter and Facebook will again arouse the ire of conservatives by banning or shutting down accounts of people who flout conventional wisdom.
3. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will go to his eternal reward accompanied by respectful obituaries that still manage to wonder whether it was wise of him to step down from the papacy the way he did.
4. Democrat under-performance in midterm elections for the United States will be blamed on “stupid voters” and “stupid voter ID laws.”
5. “Hamilton,” the musical, will spawn imitations.
6. Cursive writing, vinyl records, and bound books will continue making quiet comebacks.
7. Late-night comedians will briefly find themselves in that sunny but unexpected country where they can introduce their shows without telling jokes about President Trump. Backlash from the left will ensure that none of them goes more than three consecutive monologues in that state.
8. Activist groups that pushed urban police departments to invest in bodycams for their uniformed officers will insist that film showing officers acting with restraint has been edited or manipulated unfairly.

Well, there it is!

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December 18, 2017


The Weekly Forum: Trump and Jerusalem: Strategic Mistake or Smart Move?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Trump And Jerusalem: Strategic Mistake Or Smart Move?

Bookworm Room : It’s not a smart move. It’s a brilliant move. Let me count the ways:

1. It truly acknowledges Israel’s sovereignty because a sovereign nation gets to choose its own capital.
2. It aligns American policy with longstanding American law.
3. It tells the Palestinians that their decades’ long, bloody, post-Oslo Accords temper tantrum is over.
4. It tells the Muslim world that its decades’ long post-Oslo Accords temper tantrum is over.
5. It changes the accepted, and consistently failed, paradigm of pretending that Palestinians have a say in Israel’s self-governance.
6. It exposes how America’s fracking and Iran’s Obama-powered ascendance have dramatically affected power and alliances in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is no longer floating on a sea of oil wealth and it’s terrified of Iran, so the modernizing Prince Salman improves women’s rights, tries to teach men how to work . . . and starts working with Israel. More and more Sunni nations will soon do the same. Those nations’ leaders always knew that Israel was a scapegoat to distract an ignorant, inbred people from their own governments’ failures and brutality. Now, with a real boogeyman on the horizon in the form of Iran, it’s time for them to get real and know who their actual friends are. This will involve retraining their subjects, but ignorant masses can be moved.

And as a bonus, the plan exposes the State Department for the antisemitic sinkhole it really is. Tillerson cannot fire enough of those people fast enough.

Rob Miller:  I discussed what happened and why here, and the the back story is definitely of some interest.The compact car version is that Abbas thought he was still dealing with Barack Hussein Obama and acted out, doing what had always worked before…obstruction, violence and outre’ demands

It didn’t work at all with President Donald John Trump. And he reacted to Abbas’s four major provocations with, shall we say, a message that the old schtick isn’t going to work anymore.

It also didn’t work either with most of the Arab countries, some of whom served up some tasty rhetoric but really don’t consider ‘Palestine’ or Abbas a priority and haven’t for some time. Iran looms much bigger in their consciousness, and  a rapport with Trump and with Israel is far more vital to them just now.

Abbas’s song and dance did work with EU leaders like  Merkel, Macron and the UK’s Theresa May who are petrified of their own domestic Muslim population. They might be better advised to worry about regaining control of their own cities from these foreign invaders rather than sticking their noses into Israel’s affairs.

And at any rate, Abbas’s attempts to get the EU and/or the UN to take over the moribund peace process and exclude the U.S. are beyond stupid, although they’re what you might expect from a Soviet trained 82-year-old kleptocrat dictator.  Israel is not going to accept diktats from the EU or the UN, and furthermore Trump is not going to lean on Israel the way Bush, Clinton and Obama did. The U.S. is getting pretty tired of ‘Palestine’ too, and it is the U.S. that provides $948 million of the $1.2 billion of the budget of the largest and best funded UN agency, UNRWA, the one devoted exclusively to the Arabs called ‘Palestinians.’  And with the bipartisan passage of the Taylor Force Act in congress, much of the U.S. aid to ‘Palestine’ is going to be curtailed due to Abbas’s refusal to stop using donor funds to financially reward terrorist murderers and their families.

  Don Surber: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Doesn’t matter what the UN or anyone says. G-d has spoken.

Every president has recognized this. Trump is moving the embassy — with the blessing of the House of Saud.

Let me explain.

Back in May, Trump made his first foreign visit as president. His stops were, in order, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Brussels (NATO) and Italy (G-8).

In Riyadh, Trump and his family were greeted as royalty. Ivanka and her husband, both Jewish, were praised in the papers, as was Melania. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and President Trump did a sword dance with the Saudis — which is a prelude to a battle. Details of just what they agreed to and what they battle are emerging six months later.

Then Trump did the single most important thing on that trip. He flew directly from Riyadh to Ben Gurion Airport. No one said a word. It was the first direct flight by anyone between those two nations. This was historic. Diplomacy required not publicly acknowledging this.

If you think the Saudis or any other Arabs care about Jerusalem, you need to do some homework. Yes, the Palestinians are upset and Egypt and a few other governments officially complained. But only the Persians (Iran) oppose it.

The Gulf states led the charge in Syria to oust the Islamic State. The USA had a supporting role. Better to have Arabs liberate Arabs. Israeli intell also came in handy. Yes, the Israelis and Saudis work together. They have common interests.

The Yom Kippur War ended Arabia’s taste for war with Israel. That was 44 years ago.

The new head of state of Saudi Arabia is 32. His best buddy in the Trump administration is Jared Kushner.

Ecclesiastes tells us: To every thing there is a season… A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

The 21st century is a time of peace.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a recognition of that peace.

Patrick O’Hannigan : May I propose a third possibility, because it’s the one I’d affirm?

Not “strategic mistake” or “smart move,” but “moral imperative.”

President Trump is simply doing what other presidents have only paid lip service to. t’s ironic how controversial that kind of integrity is in some quarters.

When the Muslim mayor of Nazareth canceled official Christmas celebrations in that town this year, he blamed President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Newsweek was among the media outlets that accepted that stupid justification. Since when is it an American president’s fault when a municipal bureaucrat on the other side of the world can’t get over his own sense of entitlement. Or the ahistorical grievance-mongering of people who regard peaceful coexistence as a perpetual challenge?

David Schuler: If it serves to demonstrate that other Arab countries don’t really care about the Palestinians or Jerusalen other than as a cudgel to beat over the heads of the Israelis, it’s a good thing. Otherwise it’s just an acknowledgement of reality.

The Jerusalem Embassy Act, calling for the U. S. to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem by 1999, has been on the books for more than 20 years. Twice a year, campaign promises to the contrary notwithstanding, Democratic and Republican presidents have requested delays, a feature of the law, presumably to satisfy separation of power questions.

As much as anything else moving the embassy to Jerusalem is just obeying the law.

Laura Rambeau Lee : President Trump finally committed America to what we have acknowledged for years but previous presidents were too cowardly to implement. In 1995 Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act which declared that Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel and that the United States would move our embassy to Jerusalem within five years from the date of the act. Every president since this act was passed signed a waiver every six months, delaying what the American people have supported for over two decades. By his declaration President Trump is affirming our recognition of the sovereignty of the State of Israel and its right to determine where its capital is located.

This is a smart move, perhaps even genius, on President Trump’s part. It will force the Palestinians to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, which has been a non- starter in the peace negotiations for decades. Knowing Israel has the full backing and support of the United States and watching as we prepare and move our embassy to Jerusalem, the Palestinians will be forced to negotiate a workable solution for peace in the region. With President Trump America will stand firm in our position to seek peace in the region with Israel existing as a sovereign state, which has been the goal all along.

James Kirwin: I had the pleasure of visiting the Western Wall in May of this year. Even though I’m not Jewish it was a deeply moving experience.

The idea that a holy site dating back 3,000 years should be handed back to the Jordanians – who didn’t even exist 100 years ago – or the so-called “Palestinians” who also didn’t exist until the 20th century, is ludicrous.

The Jews have to be the only indigenous people the Left doesn’t want to see their land returned to.

Jerusalem belongs to Israel. That’s a fact – and if the Left and the so-called “Palestinians” don’t get that, then that’s their problem.

Time to face reality.

Well, there it is!

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November 21, 2017


Weekly Forum: The #MeToo Accusations; A Positive or Negative Development?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: The #MeToo Accusations; a Positive or Negative Development?

  Don Surber: In the 1980s, there were a rash of stories, and a witch hunt over child molestation at day care centers. The McMartin family was absolutely innocent, and absolutely ruined by Los Angeles District Attorney Ira Reiner.

But there also was the Tailhook Association’s convention in Las Vegas in 1991. It was a gathering of Navy pilots past and present, as tailhook refers to the device that grabs the wire on an aircraft carrier. About 1,500 attended — and they drank and chased women. In the end, 83 women and 7 men were sexually assaulted. 300 men ruined their careers (including admirals) by acting like animals.

About that time, Clarence Thomas stood accused of putting a pubic hair on a can of Coca Cola — and others strange things — by Anita Hill. Her false charges of sexual harassment almost cost him a seat on the Supreme Court.

False stories of gang rape surface from time to time: Tawana Brawley, the Duke lacrosse team, and that frat at the University of Virginia.

The latter triggered a witch hunt over campus rape, pushed by Obama.

Now we are in a witch hunt over sexual abuse by men in power. What should guide us is past experience. 1. Hear the women out (Tailhook). 2. Hear the men out (Duke lacrosse). 3, Assume nothing. Allegations and accusations are gossip, not facts.

We do know that Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Al Franken abused people sexually. They admitted it.

George Takei and Roy Moore vehemently deny such allegations. I give them the benefit of the doubt.

Those who advise Alabamans to not vote for Moore are opportunists. If he’s guilty, he can be removed from office. But if he is innocent and his opponent wins, guess what? His opponent cannot be removed from office.

Many conservatives made a big deal about Bob Menendez who is on trial for bribery. I did not. Federal prosecutors are ruthless. Look how they railroaded Ted Stevens and withheld exculpatory evidence to convict him — a conviction overturned because of their behavior. It was too late. Stevens had lost that election.

What can we as conservatives do? Adhere to principles. Paramount is the presumption of innocence.

 Rob Miller : Ah,yes, the #Me Too accusations. Definitely a two-edged sword that cuts both ways.

Let’s examine the positive and negative aspects.

It’s notable that the accusations are almost entirely coming from two areas, show biz and politics.

The so-called casting couch has been an entertainment  business reality almost since the industry got started. The idea was always very simple…a man or a woman seeking to advance their career would be told to submit to the sexual desires  of someone in power in the industry in exchange for a contract, a part, or other help in their career. Some refused. Others succumbed. Many times they got what they were seeking, other times they were simply cynically used, discarded and nothing came of it.

It was hardly a secret that this was going on. No one seeking a career in ‘the Business’ could hardly claim to be unaware that they might be approached that way.

The problem with the latest flood of accusations is that in most cases, they occurred a long time ago and the women (and men) involved made a choice to keep their mouths shut, whether they gave in to the sexual demands or not. One of the things that struck me about the Cosby case is how many of the women who were drugged and raped realized what had happened, yet they came back to Bill Cosby and let it happen again, because they wanted to take advantage of his  promise of help with their careers.

The problem here is twofold. First, by keeping their mouths shut the women enabled a sexual predator, often because they felt it would help their careers. And second, by keeping silent, they allowed other women to be victimized.  There’s no doubt many women would have been spared a degrading and harmful experience if many of these women had not decided to stay quiet, to go along to get along.  And it’s not just the women. I have no doubt that a lot of male associates of the Harvey Weinsteins and Kevin Spaceys in Hollywood also knew what was going on, and also kept silent.

Another problem with the Hollywood accusations is that far too many people  outside the business have a pretty good idea of what was going on in Hollywood even if they didn’t know the details. These are, after all, the same folks who covered up for perverts like child rapist  Roman Polanski. So just like the the recent virtue signaling in the outing of Bill Clinton as a sexual predator years after it would matter, the element of outrage and surprise is missing and comes across as somewhat phony to many people. It simply doesn’t matter as much anymore after all these years.

 The political angle is slightly different. Washington DC has aptly been called Hollywood for ugly people. There’s also no doubt that a lot of young interns,  congressional assistants, secretaries  and pages are preyed on in the same manner as actors and actresses in the ‘other Hollywood.’ Some of the perps have been busted and disgraced, others have not, depending on how indiscreet  or how influential they were. What’s new is its use as a political weapon, a selective political weapon used by the Democrat Party against Republicans, and designed to promote fundraising and gin up turnout from women of a certain ideology. 

The real author and enabler of this was former President Barack Hussein Obama.

The  Obama White House and  Department of Education pressured  colleges to change the burden of proof standard that they used in disciplinary proceedings over sexual harassment and sexual assault in 2011 or lose federal funds. And unfortunately, given the politics, many colleges didn’t have to be pressured at all.

They  routinely restricted a male student’s right to due process by using ‘preponderance of the evidence’ as the new, lower standard of proof instead of the higher ‘clear and convincing’ standard.According to the Obama administration’s Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR), “Preponderance of the evidence” meant that if the University inquisition thought  there was as  little as a 51 per chance that the accused is guilty, (or the girl involved was decent actress) the accused could be disciplined and expelled.

These are the same people who claim to want to ‘protect women’ on campus by refusing to allow them to carry arms…with  predictable results.

Among other things, the new guidelines demanded that students “not be allowed to personally cross-examine each other.” Court rulings like Donohue v. Baker (1997), concluded that cross-examination must be allowed in campus disciplinary hearings, but Obama made sure that wasn’t being taken into consideration anymore. Frequently, male students weren’t t even allowed an attorney in these college inquisitions.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVoss has made heroic efforts to correct this, but many universities still operate this way. If you think  I’m exaggerating? Here are just a a few examples that ought to change your mind.

Third stream feminism has been largely responsible for the hookup culture, the sexualizing of women’s view of themselves and the devaluing of the ideas of traditional marriage, courtship and family life.*  The response of many men was simply to enjoy the relaxed morality this brought about and utilize it for their own pleasure, to objectify women, and to treat them with less respect than women formerly enjoyed.  It is possible that this is a new trend of women insisting on the old style standards of respect may mark the beginning of a backlash to third stream feminism and its extremism.  It’s too early to tell at this point.

Unfortunately,at this point any positive aspect  is offset because the current rash of accusations largely has a hollow ring to them for the reasons I mentioned, which negates their effect
*It should be noted that the attitudes created by third stream feminism did not make much headway in Americans who were part of religious communities and certain immigrant groups and their traditions. Orthodox Jews, religious Catholics, Evangelicals, Many East, Southeast and South Asians,  Mormons and other religious and some ethnic communities resisted these attitudes and  still remain largely practitioners of traditional courtship, family life and marriages. They also tend to have more children and fewer divorces. Selah.

Puma By Design: The people who are buying into this “Me too” propaganda are the same individuals who last winter donned “pink p***y hats,” and took part in the not all “Women’s March” the day after President Donald J. Trump was inaugurated.

The question, of course is: The #MeToo Accusations; a Positive or Negative Development?

I dare to say that considering the spin comes from the left, “negative” but not for the reasons that some would think.

The “#MeToo” meme/accusations are a propaganda tool/stunt to bring about the desired means to an end favorable to the Progressive agenda.

#Me Too, Another Sandra Fluke Moment.

The #Me Too” meme is meant to be another Sandra Fluke moment.

In 2012, during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, Georgetown activist/Progressive, Sandra Fluke, called for free contraceptives because she did not believe that college students or women having sex should have to foot the bill for their choices, i.e., sexual activity.

Rush Limbaugh had his say, advertisers hit back at Rush and then Gloria Allred (what else is new) got involved. Eventually, the insanity backfired on the White House because of the habit by Progressives to spike the football ten times too many after Fluke became the Progressive darling, at least until she failed to garner enough support from Progressive Californians in 2014 to run for the Senate.


Fluke may have put the nail in her campaign when in 2014 right after the 200 Chibok girls were kidnapped and enslaved by Boko Haram, Miss Looney Tunes said during a radio interview with KCRW host Madeleine Brand stated that:

“I must say that as dire and barbaric as these Boko militants in Nigeria seem, we have to remember that if these girls are released and come to America as political refugees, they could end up working for Republican lawmakers here in California or in Washington, or end up living in a Red state in the South, which would no doubt make them wish they were still in the clutches of militant al-Qaeda-linked rapist terrorists…”

Career over


What’s my point? The #Me Too” meme is 2017’s Sandra Fluke moment.

Fluke whose primary talking points were sexual reproductive rights for women and human trafficking did not cut the mustard and neither does the “Me Too” meme.
#Me Too is hypocritical, selective and a weapon.

Let’s be real, it was a little more than 12 months ago that Progressives were ruthlessly attacking Bill Clinton’s victims while placing both Bill and Hillary on a pedestal.

It was less than ten months ago, correction a six months ago month week (never mind) that Progressive pro-abortion women blocked pro-life women from marching with them.

Several weeks ago, Michelle Obama insulted women who did not vote for Hillary Clinton and just recently, a propagandist at the L. A. Times fat-shamed, Sandra Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary.

Of course, there is Hillary Clinton who used sexism and the war on women as a platform when she ran in 2016 despite having for decades took advantage of her power, position and access to the bully pulpit, to silence, strike fear into, denigrate and destroy Bill Clinton’s victims for three plus decades.

Feminists who continued their undying support Bill Clinton were no better and didn’t think twice to follow Hillary’s lead.

Through their demands for free birth control and reproductive healthcare, Progressives have no regard for the sanctity of life, support the murder of the unborn, recently born, ignore pedophilia and child rape.

Thus, the #Me Too hashtag is nothing more than a fluke (no pun intended…oh, who cares) in that it is selective and hypocritical. (Yeah, I really thought this through.)

Progressives now on a witch hunt have weaponized the allegation of rape and sexual misconduct. Due process means nothing.

Innocent until proven guilty does not play a role in their agenda.

Can it be because as we have over the past eight years that in the shootings in which a Black man died in the hands of law enforcement, prosecutors knowingly overreached in their quest to Obama’s bidding and to inflame the masses.

Such pursuits, for eight years, was in full force under Barack Obama’s Department of Justice with prosecuting attorneys across the country appearing to willfully incite people into the streets to riot.

Of course, if Progressives via the women’s movement could drive people into the streets because a woman levies charges or sexual assault or misconduct against someone, they would gladly do it but again, it’s not about justice.

This is about power, control, elections and has nothing to do with justice for the victim. We’ve seen this dance before. Progressives should stop weaponizing their so-called causes.

Dave Schuler: Both. I think there’s a genuine problem with sexual abuse and harassment and there’s so much silence surrounding it we don’t actually have a good handle on its scope. Given that understanding shedding more light on the issue is good.

On the other hand destroying lives and/’or careers on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations is obviously problematic. When even Maureen Dowd is pointing out the political motivations of some of these allegations it isn’t too much of a stretch to think there’s something to the idea.

I honestly don’t know how to strike the right balance.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason : We have to consider the current accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault by looking back over the changes that have occurred in American culture over the past half century or so, especially since some of the accusations go almost that far back. Back in the 1960s and 1970s (some of us remember it well) the sexual revolution was upon us. Women’s liberation proponents convinced young women we were victims of a patriarchal society and we demanded equal rights. We burned our bras to show we were no longer bound by worn out social dictates. Up until that time women who chose to enter a profession generally became teachers or nurses. These were socially respectable professions and could be managed while raising a family. With this new awakening we believed we should be able to go to college and work in the same jobs as men if we so chose and make the same amount of money. Unlimited opportunities opened up for women. This was the positive side of the women’s movement as millions of women joined the workforce in many different professions.

Along with their new careers young women were exposed to more encounters with men in the workplace. At this same time the left, with assistance from Ivy League professors and scientific experts, convinced us women were no different than men when it came to our sexuality. We should not be ashamed of our sexual desires as society now “permitted” us to act upon them. We were encouraged to have sex without the need for emotional attachment. Thus began the sexual revolution which truly was a war on women. In addition during this time the invention of birth control pills eliminated worries of unwanted pregnancies, and once Roe v Wade became the law of the land in 1973 if we did become pregnant we could legally “take care of it.” Men no longer had to worry about taking responsibility or doing the right thing if a sexual partner became pregnant. Pregnancy became her responsibility alone. Abortion became a right and today many liberal women vote solely on this single issue – the preservation of their right to kill their unborn child. This single decision has harmed our society and our culture more than anything else in the last century.

Relationships between men and women have suffered with all this newfound sexual freedom. Men were led to believe women wanted sex even if they protested they did not. If women’s urges were the same as theirs what else could they believe? Does no mean no or does no mean yes… or maybe? Are women just playing hard to get? Where should one draw the line? How far can one go before they stop? Remember the old first base, second base references? Is there a point of no return? Women engaged in casual sex with multiple partners not realizing the emotional toll it would take on their psyche. How many of these current accusations were misinterpreted flirtations that went too far? And who is guilty in such situations? It may sound unforgiving to some, but men can be victims as well as women in some of these cases because of the beliefs of the time, short of molestation, rape or pedophilia. And the fact that these women are speaking out now after decades does not help their case. If they truly were molested or assaulted they should have reported it to the police then, not years later when the accused is running for political office.

In addition, much of the moral decline within our society falls directly on Bill Clinton and his dark history of sexual harassment and sexual assault throughout his time as governor of Arkansas through his two terms as president of the United States. During his first run for president his victims spoke out about his sexual assaults. They were ridiculed and called liars while those in the media covered for him. Hillary Clinton was complicit in these crimes as she threatened and intimidated his victims. It is surprising to see the 180 degree turn in the minds of some on the left who covered up for Clinton during the 1980s and 1990s who are now saying he should have resigned as president for his very public adulterous affair with Monica Lewinsky. They are a little late in acknowledging his crimes and are now saying these women who make accusations today should be believed. One has to wonder if their newfound beliefs are solely motivated by politics as the social and political winds have shifted. Sadly, an entire generation of young children grew up believing oral sex was not sex thanks to President Clinton. Many men have taken advantage of the sexual revolution to intimidate and coerce their victims as we have seen in the unfolding Hollywood scandals. Many people knew and said nothing.

This sexual uncertainty and confusion is a direct result of communist propaganda and indoctrination demoralizing our culture and society. The women’s movement led to the sexual revolution which led to the breakup of the family unit. Today we have staggeringly high percentages of children being born to single mothers with no help from the father, while government encourages dependence on it to meet their every need.

Hopefully the pendulum will swing back, but not all the way back. It is good that women do not have to suffer shame or public ridicule for their sexual behavior. Many of us remember the girls in school who were easy and called horrible names. But we must recognize there is a difference between the sexes. This will never change. We should instill pride and self respect in children of both sexes and help them to understand the personal and emotional ramifications of being sexually promiscuous. Sex should not be taken lightly nor be used for coercion or advancement. When a woman, or a man for that matter, has been sexually molested or assaulted they should report it to the police immediately. Perhaps all of this will lead to timely reporting of such incidents, which might save future victims from being assaulted or molested.

Perhaps this will be a positive shift in our society as we move towards a more moral center.

Well, there it is!

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October 30, 2017


Weekly Forum: Should Robert Mueller Be Fired?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the WoW! Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question:Should Robert Mueller Be Fired? 

 Don Surber: Robert Mueller poses no threat to anyone but himself. His arrogance — hubris — will do him in because he does not know whom he is dealing with. Mueller is a perfect media darling because he reflects so many of the swelled heads in the newsrooms.

Donald Trump is no ordinary billionaire, if such a beast exists. He knows the law well, the politicians better, and the press best of all.

Trump hires best lawyers. Roy Cohn was his first attorney. Ruthless. Prosecuted the Rosenbergs and got them executed. When the feds charged Trump with housing discrimination, Cohn countersued for defamation and demanded that the feds file an actual lawsuit, not just an administrative action.

Two years later they settled with Trump paying no fine and making no admission of any guilt.

Trump is not a man to be trifled with.

Trump has been involved in 3,500 lawsuits. He knows the courts better than any president not named Lincoln. Some cases he won. Some he lost.

Mueller should know this. He does not seem to know. He has been a federal prosecutor too long. They have nearly unlimited power.

But I think he has met his match.

Name someone who began a feud with him who prevailed. You cannot. Rosie O’Donnell went from the queen of nice on daytime TV to whatever she is today.

Megyn Kelly got a nice deal with NBC — and is watched by fewer people now than she was at Fox News.

And so on.

The Russian dossier is fiction by a retired British intelligence officer. In nine months since it was made public, no one has independently verified any of the 35 allegations.
Trump lawyered up anyway, and it will pay off.

The leak of grand juries on Friday night was a breach of ethics. Mueller has nothing on Trump, and Manafort is nothing to him.

Mueller tried to get Trump through his kids. That was a low blow.

Firing Mueller now makes this swine a martyr.

Keep him.

He has nothing. He will whither on the vine.

 Rob Miller: Mueller shouldn’t be fired, at least not right now. But he needs to be neutralized by destroying his credibility in public.

The twin scandals of Fusion GPS, the spying and illegal wiretapping by the Obama Administration on a political campaign by the opposing party during an election year, and Uranium One, which Mueller appears to be directly complicit in have already been revealed.The Democrat’s servile media minions are doing the best they can to twist things around and muddy up the details to confuse the American people, but I unraveled the facts last week in an easy to follow article, and when they’re presented in a straightfoward manner it’s obvious that the very people ranting about Donald Trump and ‘Russia collusion’ were the ones colluding with the Russians themselves.

 Robert Mueller is clearly implicated in the Uranium One Scandal, which happened during Mrs. Clinton’s term as Secretary of State in 2010 Certain Canadian investors working on behalf of the Russian government wanted to acquire ownership of certain assets amounting to one fifth of U.S. uranium production. They were represented by the Podesta Group ( yes, that would be John Podesta and his brother Tom), who lobbied Washington for them.

Since this involved strategic materials, it needed oversight and a green light from Hillary Clinton’s State Department. That green light was obtained after these same investors ‘donated’ $148 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation and arranged for Bill Clinton to receive $500,000 for a speech in Russia, more than double his usual fee. There are also some indications a donation to the Clinton Library was involved as well.

As the Hill revealed recently, the FBI had uncovered a bribery plot involving the Russians and uranium transactions in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. They had substantial evidence, including eyewitnesses. The investigation also revealed that the deal involving the Clintons was part of the illegal bribery scam. Yet someone ordered the FBI not to reveal the details of their investigation or even to disclose it to Congress. Essentially, things were stonewalled for four more years,until 2015, after Obama’s re-election.  So the deal went through, even though the Obama Administration was fully aware of what the FBI had uncovered.

The head of the FBI when this was going on was Robert Mueller. Either he personally quashed the bribery investigation or he was told by his boss Eric Holder to do it and complied. There’s no way he couldn’t have known the national security implications of the Uranium One deal, yet he stonewalled the investigation until after Barack Obama was re-elected.

Meuller was always going to come up with something, and I imagine it will be trumped up charges involving  Paul Manafort or perhaps against Donald Jr. for taking a meeting with a Russian lawyer withsome connections to the Russian government  about – wait for it – adoptions!

It’s also pretty obvious that Mueller whipped this stuff up in a hurry to try and spin the news cycle and bury the facts about who really colluded with Russia.

That’s why the President needs to immediately name a special prosecutor to investigate these scandals, and especially, to investigate Robert Mueller among other things. He obviously knew about the bribery. Why did Mueller stonewall the investigation?  Did he receive orders to do it, and if so, from whom? Is there any evidence in his bank records that he received a sum of money or profited via an investment? And as head of the FBI, what made him be so negligent as to turn his back on something so vital to national security, keep his mouth shut and attempt to bury it?

The Democrat’s Trump Russia lie is already on life support. A solid special prosecutor  ought to be able to finish the job and turn the spotlight on some of the most corrupt people ever to hold public office and betray the public trust.

Patrick O’Hannigan: I agree with Don that Robert Mueller will likely “wither on the vine,” but I still think that President Trump should fire him rather than waiting for that to happen. There would be political repercussions to firing Mueller, because the anti-Trumpers and the Left would indeed treat him (undeservedly) as a martyr, and would have another fig leaf with which to try to cover bad behavior by the Obama administration and its notoriously tone-deaf Secretary of State. On the other hand, there is, I think, a significant up-side to demonstrating (by letting Mueller go) that the rule of law actually requires prudent exercise of responsibility in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government.

Robert Mueller, when he was running the FBI, had to have known more than a little of what the rest of us are now learning about the extortion and backroom-dealing behind Uranium One. He would also have realized that the Clinton Foundation was little more than a global money laundering operation. He probably figured that going after the Clintons or the Russians was a waste or resources. You can argue the merits of that inactivity, but it’s ridiculous to make him the point man for an investigation into “collusion with Russia” now when he did nothing about it then.

I was once sympathetic to the argument that Mueller ought not be criticized for staffing his current investigation with donors to the Democrat party, because every big law firm donates to the party in power, so the pool of investigative talent was always going to be in the shadow of the DNC. That argument no longer persuades me, because Mueller himself has been so obviously partisan. He was touted as having earned “bipartisan respect,” but what that means today is that other agents of the “administrative state” recognize him as one of their own. And let’s not forget the President Trump was elected in large part on his promise to Make America Great Again. He was going to do that not just in positive ways (such as tax reform and repeal of “Obamacare”), but also in negative ways, by “draining the swamp” that Washington, D.C. has become. Mueller is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Firing him would be akin to saying (correctly) that when President Obama created the DACA program and the immigration machinery around it, he did that in an unconstitutional manner, by executive order.

Let’s not forget that Robert Mueller and James Comey are friends, either. I don’t know either man and can’t fairly judge their characters, but Comey’s record has been less than stellar, and friends ought not be put in charge of “investigating” each other. Mueller and his acolytes continue looking at President Trump while the media breathlessly reports even uncorroborated “findings,” but Mueller’s activity looks more and more like willful misdirection every day. By looking at Republicans (or even alleged Republicans), Mueller helps his Democrat friends avoid the spotlight that should be on them. For example, people are talking about Uranium One because Hillary Clinton is still a high-profile name, but how about Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and her unusual IT staffing arrangements? Those had national security implications, too.

Laura Rambeau Lee : Robert Mueller should have recused himself at the outset of this investigation. The fact that he did not in spite of his obvious and many conflicts of interest leads me to believe his job as special counsel is to make sure the truth of what really transpired between the DNC, the Clinton campaign and the Russians never comes to light. It appears the establishment Democrats AND Republicans seem bent on taking down a duly elected President Trump. A Friday leak revealed the Mueller team has filed the first charge or charges in the case with a federal grand jury, although the charges have been sealed by a federal judge. We may find out who has been charged and what the charges are as early as Monday. Will it be someone connected to the Trump campaign? All of this high drama is a smoke screen to keep us from finding out the real truth. Congress should end this investigation now.

Well, there it is!

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October 2, 2017

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