July 25, 2017


Weekly Forum: How Would You Rate Trump’s Performance After Six Months?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s Question:How Would You Rate Trump’s Performance After Six Months?

Don Surber: My 401-k — fully invested in Bogle’s S&P 500 stock index fund — is up 15% since Election Day.

860 regulations are gone.

14 Congressional Review Act resolutions have wiped out other regulations.

Factories are hiring, mines too. And coal miners make $75,000 a year in a state where $100,000 still buys a nice three-bedroom ranch.

Patriot missiles are in Poland.

The Islamic State is out of Iraq — and Syria.

President Trump made the first direct flight from Riyadh to Israel. The BDS movement is on the wan.
NATO nations are living up to their military commitments. The LNG and oil we will sell to Europe could collapse the Russian economy and end Putin’s political career.

Self-deportations are up. ICE is doing its job. Wages are creeping up.

Food stamps are falling, as is the corruption that goes with it. Schools no longer have to serve Michelle Obama Meals that kids dumped in the trash.

The pace however is slow. The judicial appointments need to be speeded up. All the appointments do. And of course, he blew it by allowing a special prosecutor to go fishing for a crime.

The media wastes its time and credibility on Russia. I love it.

Six months in, I am glad I voted for Trump twice last year (in the primary and the general election) and look forward to doing the same in 2020.

He easily gets an A for his efforts and his accomplishments. There is more to do, of course. And there is a lot of bluster. But grownups look upon the media madness with amusement. When you are draining a swamp, expect a big stench and loud roars from dying critters.

Mike McDaniel: Consider Donald J. Trump’s accomplishments: He is not Hillary Clinton. One cannot say that too often: he is not Hillary Clinton. Despite what the Media would have us believe, he is not providing Obamite “flexibility” for Vladimir Putin. He is reversing much of the damage Barack Obama did. He is reversing Obama’s betrayal of Poland by providing missile defense systems to the Poles. He has greatly increased American imports of energy, particularly natural gas, which is absolutely to the detriment of Russia.

He is reversing unnecessary, punitive and costly regulations across the board. He is, slowly but steadily, dismantling the administrative state. He is reversing innumerable Obama executive orders including vast western land grabs.

Neal Gorsuch.

Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord; that was worth it just to see the greenie’s heads explode, as they continue to explode today. He approved the Keystone XK and Dakota Access pipelines.

Economic confidence and optimism is soaring and the number of actual, not paper, jobs created in only six months is nearing a million.

You’d never know it by listening to the Media, but he’s signed more than 40 bills that are actually worthwhile. He’s rebuilding our military.

Illegal immigration, despite constant media lies and Leftist lawfare, has declined in numbers the head of the Border Patrol calls “miraculous.” This not because he has been able to revamp the law, but merely because he is enforcing the law, and everyone, including Mexico, know he’s serious.

Donald Trump can actually speak the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” and has often done so. Not only that, he understands our enemies, and is treating them as enemies. He also is repairing the damage Barack Obama did to our allies, including NATO.

James Mattis.

In just six months, President Trump’s accomplishments outstrip those of many president’s entire terms. This despite impediments that would bring others to a complete halt.

Mr. Trump’s ultimate problem is he is an actual leader, not a beltway leader. Witness the Media, the self-imagined elite of the Beltway, politicians and academics as they scream in anguish “Trump isn’t normal!” He’s not doing it right! He’s not doing it the way it should be done, the way they’re used to, their way!

Theirs is the leadership of messaging, the narrative, of the correct, soaring, sophisticated rhetoric, of good and exalted intentions, of the moral–progressive–high ground. It’s the leadership of pay to play, of enriching oneself and one’s friends, and destroying one’s political enemies. It’s the leadership of double crossing the nation’s allies–especially those nasty Jews–and embracing and enriching America’s enemies. It’s the leadership of taking one’s time, doing one thing at a time, and patting oneself on the back for one’s great intellect and morality.

Donald Trump was elected because he’s the opposite of all that. He’s the kind of leader that uses every minute of the day and wishes he had more. His focus is getting the job done, and he juggles multiple tasks at the same time while expecting everyone that works for him to do the same. He says he’ll do it, and he does it, and expects it done yesterday. He’s used to working in the real world, with real people. When he says “the people,” he thinks of individuals, actual people he knows, not some abstract body of slaves laboring for his noble goals.

Trump deals with the world as it is. He doesn’t try to make the world conform to what he thinks it should be. This, alone, is an enormous accomplishment, one many presidents never truly master.

All of this makes the Media, and the Never Trump Republicans absolutely crazy. They can’t understand it, but they know it is absolutely foreign, just as normal Americans find it comforting, because it’s their reality. That’s why they hate him–and us–so much.

If Congressional Republicans ever find a backbone and use the power the Constitution gives them to set the rules of the Congress so they can ignore the Democrats, Mr. Trump will actually be able to repeal and replace Obamacare, truly reform our tax system, reduce the IRS in size and power to what it ought to be, and make our immigration system work to benefit America and Americans.

If he can do that in four years, he’ll be one of our most consequential and accomplished presidents.

To be sure, he’s made errors—Jeff Sessions—but by any honest measure, his accomplishments are many, and in many cases, historic.

 Rob Miller: I think President Trump’s first six months have been amazing. He’s been faced with what is an organized and well funded attempt to delegitimize his presidency and obstruct him at every turn unlike any in our history, one that includes members of his own party.The fact that he’s accomplished as much as he has in view of this is absolutely jaw dropping.

I’ve written before that what President Trump is doing is an attempt to reverse a quarter century of American decline under three of the worst presidents in our history.  It isn’t going to be easy, and he’s made a few beginner’s errors along the way, but his record speaks for itself.

He has totally remade American foreign policy from the abyss it was in, refreshing alliances with traditional allies estranged by Obama and reassuring the world that  ‘leadership from behind’ is a thing of the past. He also has defied Russia by selling anti-missile systems to the Visograd alliance,  is shipping them natural gas to nullify Russia’s energy blackmail, and has revitalized NATO by insisting that the member nations fulfill their commitments of defense spending, although some of them like Germany persist in refusing to do so.

He has cut illegal migration substantially, even with congress shirking it’s responsibility to fund the border wall we need for national security. He also has revitalized the efficiency and leadership of ICE and our Border Patrol.

He has made substantial progress in repairing the swamp known as the VA, fulfilling another of his campaign promises.

He has appointed a stellar cabinet, including, yes, Jeff Sessions…who I can’t demonize for what amounts to a beginner’s  mistake in judgement.

He is defeating ISIS, has finally stopped U.S. funding by the CIA of the al-Qaeda affiliates characterized by Obama and his minions as ‘moderate Syrian rebels’ and is showing unusual resolution and decisiveness as our Commander in chief. Even WAPO shill David Ignatius had to admit that much. or to quote one of SecDef Mattis’s bon mots when pestered by an obnoxious reporter as to the status of the fight against ISIS, simply looked at him sideways and said just four words “We’re winning, they’re losing.”

He has substantially cut stifling federal regulations, far surpassing his original 2 for 1 goal. And the economy? Estimates are that during the first six months of his presidency, the national wealth has increased by over $4 trillion. Admittedly, a lot of this is stock market gains and as I consider the Market overvalued, this could be subject to change. But it is still an undeniable fact, as is the increse of manufacturing and energy related jobs.

Then there’s the Keystone pipeline, the dramatic decline of unemployment claims and food stamp users. getting out of the economy killing Paris Accord, and a number of other accomplishments.

The two things that give the Trump administration the impression of ‘accomplishing nothing’ are simply not something you can blame him for…by which I mean repealing ObamaCare and tax reform. Those missteps are entirely the fault of weak Republican leadership in congress. The House produced a decent replacement bill that would have resulted in an $800 billion tax cut for Americans pauperized by ObamaCare’s demands. It wasn’t perfect, but it was far better than the nonsense the senate finally came up with after engaging in outright bribery redolent of the sordid smell attending ObamaCare’s introduction. Fun fact, not reported by the media...the three female senators from Alaska, West Virginia and Maine who opposed repealing ObamaCare have something in common besides gender. All of them come from predominantly rural states with a huge problem with opiate addiction, something these states have fought by expanding MedicAid to put the cost back on the Feds. There are other members of Congress in love with all those luscious tax dollars ObamaCare provides, just as some of them combat the president’s attempt to curtail our problem with illegal migration because their donors love the continued flow of cheap labor, Illegal migration is something that directly contributes to the high cost of health care in America as well as other problems.

President Trump is going to have to find some way of dealing with this element of his own party, and the solution may very well be to form a new one out of the ashes of the GOP. There are definitely Democrats like Joe Manchin, Heidi Hightkamp and the handful of members of the Blue Dog caucus who might cheerfully join a new party like that.

Dave Schuler : Incomplete. There have been no substantial legislative accomplishments during the first six months of his term. The attacks by the media have been so continuous, determined, and mean-spirited at one level it’s been amazing that he’s done anything other than push back.

Despite it all the country hasn’t actually collapsed yet, there are few signs of imminent impeachment, he may accomplish something yet, and amazing as it seems the mood of the country has actually improved so I, in a spirit of generosity, give him an Incomplete.

Laura Rambeau Lee : In spite of the constant negative reporting and Russia obsession from the main stream media, President Trump’s performance has been a positive and welcome change from the past administration. He has signed more than forty bills and almost that many executive orders dealing with many issues. It is reported that he has saved businesses nearly $18 billion a year by reining in oppressive regulations and bureaucratic red tape. He approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, rolled back the Clean Power Plan, and horrified the progressive left by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.

On the foreign policy front he has succeeded in reasserting America’s position as a global leader. His meeting with the nations of the Muslim world in Saudi Arabia, his speech in Poland, and the G20 meetings show he understands and will protect our interests and support our allies in the future. His nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court assures we will have a more conservative leaning court for decades to come.

In short, President Trump is making good on his promises to the American voters who supported and voted for him. The Republican Party must get behind him and the people who elected him or the party might just collapse. Many of us are losing patience with the health care repeal and/or replace debacle and are losing faith in the party. The American voters will have to do their part to drain the swamp by voting out the entrenched career politicians in Congress and those who promised they would repeal Obamacare.

I just hope President Trump can continue to do the job we elected him to do; his new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci can uncover and eliminate the leaks coming out of the White House; and the witch hunt being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is quickly wrapped up. We are six months into the administration. It’s time the Democrats get over their disappointment with the results of the election and accept that President Trump is and will be president for at least the next four years. It’s time for them to buck up and do their jobs and stop being obstructionists to everything this administration has been charged by the American voters to do.

Well, there it is!

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July 10, 2017


The Forum Is Up: Will Media Outlets Like CNN Ever Practice Journalism Again?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s Question, courtesy of Don Surber
: Will Media Outlets Like CNN Ever Practice Journalism Again?

Mike McDaniel: No. OK…back to that article I was working on…what’s that? What do I mean “No?” You want me to explain? Very well.

The most important thing to understand about the contemporary media is they are virtually all progressives. I don’t mean center of the political road Democrats, I mean far left, pajama boy, womyn leftist/progressive/socialist/communist/antifa/BLM/Greenie/LGBTQWERTY+/open borders/Anti-America/let everybody vote early and often fanatics. In this, they have followed and mimicked the progression of the Democrat Party to the point that even the few semi-rational Democrats remaining have begun to publicly admit unless the party is somehow drug, screaming, fire bombing, property destroying, assassinating the police back toward the political center, the Democrat Party may be doomed.

Their political ideology takes on all of the characteristics of fervent religious faith. They just, for the most part, leave out God. For the contemporary Progressive, Barack Obama was the higher being, and by their association with him and their shared ideals, they too have ascended beyond the strictures of mortal existence.

Progressive ideology, ideas, programs, and yes, writings and broadcasts, cannot possibly be wrong. They are infallible, non-falsifiable. No evidence can possibly prove them wrong because they can’t be wrong. If they appear to be wrong, they’re actually right, and the appearance of error is due to factors such as:

*Conservatives are allowed to exist.

*Not enough money has been spent for the program’s magnificence to be fully manifest.

*Not enough time has passed for the program’s full effect to be felt.

*The ungrateful people haven’t had the program good and hard enough yet.

*That damned Constitution keeps getting in the way.

So when a CNN reporter reads President Trump’s speech in Poland he, by virtue of his superior, super human progressive intellect and ideology, can find racism and white nationalism lurked behind every metaphor and ready to pounce from behind every connotation. And when the First Lady of Poland shakes Melania’s Trump’s hand a few seconds before Donald Trump’s hand, she snubbed him, even though she didn’t snub him, but she snubbed him because TRUMP! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Whatta ya mean “fake news?!” Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

The media have fallen so far from ethical journalism, returning to it would require firing virtually every employee, from the head of each network to the lowliest technician, and replacing them with carefully vetted, honest, honorable and humble human beings. That can’t happen because progressive ideology can’t be wrong. Draining that particularly swamp would require the admission of error. Against their faith. Won’t happen. Can’t happen.

What might happen, if ratings dip low enough and networks start really getting hit in the pocketbook–even more than they already are–is a temporary bit of restraint that might bring networks like CNN or NBC down to 88% negative coverage of President Trump instead of 93%, but that’s about it.

Notice the NYT firing copy editors. Has anyone detected any change in the content of its coverage? The NYT’s financial straits are dire. Have they admitted, even to themselves, they’re wrong? Do they believe, for a moment, they should return to honest, balanced, non-biased journalism?

There will always be a sufficient number of Americans in Name Only to keep progressive news organs afloat at some level, thus there is no reason for any of them to significantly change their coverage. Anyone trying will be labeled an apostate, excommunicated, and symbolically killed by being denied congress with fellow elite media progressives. It’s an article of faith.

What is most amusing is the self-imagined media elite believe when the civil war they are provoking occurs, they’ll be left alone to advocate for the lions against the Christians, to cheer for the barbarians at the gate, ready to rape and kill and burn. Should that happen, by the time the barbarians breach the gates, there won’t be any remaining media elites for the pleasure of the barbarians. The Left always eats its own, and the lowly, flyover country Americans so long denigrated, insulted and abused by their media betters will, in those conditions, restrain themselves no longer. They’ll pay brief and intimate visits to their tormentors.

They’ll go down, to the last pajama boy, womyn, and transnational whatever, believing they were right. It’s an article of faith.

;Don Surber: Since I asked, journalism is dead because the people who run the news organizations are short-sighted and dim-witted. The public’s trust was all they had and it was quite valuable. Newspapers were worth $1,300 a subscriber when Clinton was president. The New York Times paid $1.1 billion for the Boston Globe in 1993 — and sold it 20 years later for $70 million.

The newspaper industry is a wreck in part because of technology; instead of embracing the Internet, they fought it. Their paywalls amuse me because they are a throwback to a way of life long gone. The last time I saw a newspaper boy was in a Nintendo game.

The gravy train will soon end for cable news as cord cutters cut into their subscriber fees. Why am I paying CNN a buck a month? The network is Fake News. In the words of Nancy Sinatra last January: “That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?”

Jeff Zucker and the rest see their future in niche markets, as they seek to become Daily Kos.
Jim Acosta is not a journalist but an actor — a mascot — for a Fake News organization that feeds people what they want to hear.

Can the Republic survive without them?


Trust God, not men — and trust men before you trust an institution.

 Rob Miller:Well, I never say never. Media outlets get sold, or come under new management from time to time. I’d also say journalism isn’t entirely dead, but that it simply doesn’t exist where you’d expect to find it.

When it comes to places like CNN or similar outfits, I think it’s worth remembering a few things. The talking heads that are the on air talent or the print reporters and columnists live in a bubble.  They grew up in the same kind of neighborhoods, went to the same kind of schools and move in the same circles. They have similar beliefs and similar connections based on a shared ideology, and if they don’t they aren’t hired unless there’s a huge perceived economic benefit in doing so. I don’t see that changing, at least not for some time.

Fausta:Only if they start hiring real, independent journalists.

Patrick O’ Hannigan: I don’t think media outlets like CNN will ever practice journalism again, because they’re outlets that pay lip service to the ideal of following stories “without fear or favor,” but they can’t walk the talk about policing the establishment while accepting money and kudos from that same establishment. To the extent that real journalism — as opposed to commentary — has a future, it rests in the hands of the people on the air and on the web who are not beholden to the bi-coastal elites, and people who ferret out news because they’re curious rather than because they want to “make a difference.” I also think there has to be more to redemption, if it comes, than finding a local angle for national stories. On-air talent at local affiliates can be every bit as smug about progressive platitudes as their higher-profile colleagues with bigger expense accounts.

Doug Hagin: Only if they can remember what journalism is, and separate their ideology from their mission. That mission is to report news. That mission is to investigate, and then pass their findings along. Lots of local stations do nice jobs of doing that. But the alphabet soup of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc have sacrificed their integrity in favor of their political leanings.

Just imagine what the media could do if they put as much energy into uncovering facts about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and so many other scandals as they did into finding a Reddit user to bully. Imagine!

Simply Jews:Not wanting to interfere in a US internal problem, I shall avoid answering this question, unless it’s made an international one (and why not, by the way?).

But I can tell you all an old Israeli story, about one of the ministers of finance whose name I have forgotten.

When the trade unions during his reign started demanding a five days working week, he objected, saying:

– Why are you being so extreme? Let them start with two, then move to three gradually etc…

So there…

If you think it’s absolutely unrelated to the question… oh well, I feel it is.

Dave Schuler : Let’s start by defining “ever”. as “in my lifetime”. For that the answer is “No”.

For the major media outlets to return to actual journalism they’d need to report the news in a balance, non-agonistic fashion consistently over a period of years to regain the credibility they’ve lost. I don’t believe the present crop of editors are capable of that. It would take commitment and a generational change.

Laura Rambeau Lee : As long as progressives have control of our universities the indoctrination of our youth will continue. The “journalists” coming out of these institutions perceive and report world events through the skewed lens of identity politics and social, economic, and environmental justice. Their ability to think critically has been carefully and methodically taught out of them. This culture is promoted by outlets like CNN to the point where truth is the enemy. New media outlets such as One America News (OAN) are already attracting viewers searching for true journalism; reporters committed to telling the whole story and who respect the viewer or listener to make their own judgments based on the facts presented. Media outlets like CNN will never change, the ideology is so entrenched. They will be replaced eventually or exist only on the very fringes of the media.

Well, there it is!

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July 3, 2017


Weekly Forum: Are President Trump’s Tweets Effective Communication or National Embarrassment?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living.  This week’s question: Trump’s Tweets – Effective Communication Or National Embarrassment?

Patrick O’ Hannigan: On the question of whether President Trump’s tweets are an effective form of communication or a national embarrassment, I lean toward “effective communication,” but would also suggest that we embrace the power of “and.”

When people say that Trump’s tweets are an embarrassment, they usually mean that they’re undignified. That’s a valid point, but also a criticism that could be leveled against almost *everything* on Twitter. The platform encourages a “sound bite” mentality no matter who uses it.

If you muscle past limitations of Twitter itself and think about how the president uses it (to mock his enemies, rally his friends, and nudge public discourse along in unfiltered ways), you’re free to lament Trump’s sometimes-coarse sentiments. But if we take the measure of a nation by the foibles of its chief executive, then we’ve tripped over ourselves. The degradation of office is not new. I’d argue that when Barack Obama was president, he cheapened the presidency by sharing his NCAA basketball tournament picks with fawning reporters, and climbing on his high horse to increase racial tensions at every opportunity (Remember “The Cambridge police acted stupidly” and “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin”?). Similarly, Bill Clinton before him was wrong to respond to a silly question about whether he wore boxers or briefs.

“Trump is not the first to embarrass the presidency” is an admittedly lukewarm defense of his Twitter usage, but a remarkable thing about those Trumpian tweets is how many of them manage to irritate professional journalists, exposing progressive biases in ways that few other tools can (and the tweets are, in fact, tools — they’re part of the Trump brand).

Remember when the establishment media had kittens over “covfefe” and what that might mean? Whether the word was a typo, I don’t know, but it’s in the Urban Dictionary now, and Fox News recently reported that Georgia had banned that Trumpian coinage from appearing on vanity license plates. My favorite reaction came from a wag inspired enough to echo “Glengarry Glen Ross” in writing gleefully that — wait for it — “Covfefe is for closers!”

  Rob Miller: First off, may I point out that WoW! anticipated Drudge on this question by a couple of days. Here are the results of his online poll as of this AM:


TWEET  77.77%  (418,648 votes)  


DELETE  22.23%  (119,682 votes)  



Total Votes: 538,330

Now, to the question at hand. As far as I’m concerned, the only embarrassment involved is that of the left and their trained seals in the media. Our president is playing them the way Jimi Hendrix used to play his Stratocaster guitars, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

 Related image

President Trump is using social media in 4 distinct ways, all of them brilliant. First, he is using it to communicate directly with the American people, which means he no longer needs the Leftist media. At a time when they are deeply distrusted by almost 80% of the American people per the latest Gallup poll, President Trump, along with news sites like Drudge and Breitbart, has destroyed their ability to filter the news except among the True Believers.

Second, he is using it to organize and raise funds to prepare for 2018 and 2020.

Third, he is using it, especially the tweets to drive the news cycle wherever he wants. We saw a recent example of this when he spanked Leftist commentators Joe Scarbourough and Mika Brzezinski with a richly deserved tweet that took up all the headlines – while the House passed Kate’s Law mandating heavy jail sentences for illegal migrants who repeatedly enter the country after being deported as well as legislation cutting federal funds to sanctuary cities. The press, of course, concentrated of the attack on their own rather than the more important stuff. President Trump does this constantly, and the media always falls for it. To me, it’s like watching one Roadrunner cartoon after another.

And fourth? He’s letting the legacy media know that there’s a cost for their actions.

These corrupt swine mostly come from very similar effete, privileged backgrounds. They grow up in the same kind of neighborhoods, go to the same schools, have almost identical politics, frequently marry each other, socialize together and have similar ideas about their entitlements and priviliges.  They really thought, until now, that they could openly lie, conspire among themselves ,insult, demean, libel  and destroy not just ordinary people but any political figures they chose to as well as their families without any cost to themselves. And up to now. it has mostly worked. 

They were so in their bubble, so certain they could do the same thing to Donald Trump and so anxious to get Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama’s third term in power that they overplayed their hand and got careless, exposing themselves. And they were so used to getting away with it that they actually expected to do destroy  Donald Trump in the usual fashion without cost to themselves.

Big mistake.

For one thing, Trump is a fighter. He’s half a Scot on his mother’s side, the country whose national emblem is the thistle and whose national motto, inscribed by the Stuarts in Latin on Scotland’s coat of arms is Nemo me impune lacessit ‘No one hurts me unharmed’ or in the Scot’s Gaelic, Cha togar m’ fhearg gun dìoladh (don’t ask me how I know stuff like this – long story).

And for another thing, President Trump realized early on how despised these self important talking heads were by most Americans and how tired we all were of their lies and contempt for most of America’s people. One of the hit songs at Trump’s rallies (and they resembled rock concerts in many ways) was to  have the fans turn  around and boo the Leftist media covering the events. That, and the savvy of alt-media guru Steve Bannon, who rebuilt Breitbart and clued the president in on exactly how to use the powerful alt media to his advantage.

The latest giggle is the Leftist media meme that President Trump is ‘fomenting violence’ against the media by his tweets reveling in their defeat.

This comes after they openly help foment the ‘resistance,’ in an attempt to bring down a sitting elected president, cheerfully published leaks of classified material, and  celebrated a play simulating his murder and a photo shoot with a truly heartless woman holding up a bloody model of a severed Trump head that scared his young son Baron to death when it was shown on TV.  It comes after they have all but accused him of treason, have attacked his wife and children and made news out of the fact that he and  the GOP are murderers because people will die if ObamaCare is repealed and replaced. And it comes after we’ve seen that almost all of the politically motivated violence is coming from the Left – Antifa, the Resistance, #blacklivesmatter  with their assaults on police and race rioting, even the actual attempted assassinations of Republican congressmen – rationalized and even egged on in some cases by these same media talking heads.

And now they’re suddenly afraid of violence being directed at them?  Hilarious. Keep on keeping on, Mr. President. There might have been a few tweets I might not have sent or would have worded slightly differently, but overall it’s a killer tactic.

Don Surber: President Trump tweet attacked Psycho Joe and Crazy Mika for two reasons: 1. To watch the media members belittle themselves as they chase this around as if it were Watergate. 2. To distract media attention from the real issues.
Trump is accomplishing a lot under the radar. He has to go under the radar because the Democrats could kill a bill in the Senate by making it a controversy. All they need is three of the 10 RINOs in the Senate to block any legislation. No controversy means McCain cannot get a guest appearance on “Meet the Pres” out of it, so he will vote with the party. Ditto Lindsay Graham.

As for the media (clears throat) I’ve written two books on how Trump played the media to win the nomination (“Trump the Press”) and on how Trump played the media to win the nomination (“Trump the Establishment”).

He knows the media better than anyone. He cut his teeth in the media capital of the world, arm-wrestling George Steinbrenner for the sports fronts of Newsday, the Post, and the Daily News back when Trump owned the New Jersey Generals. He endured a very publicly near bankruptcy, and a divorce of the century. In short, he’s played bigger rooms than Washington.

And it shows.

Chuck Todd thinks he can embarrass Trump out of the White House?

Has Chuck Todd been munching lead paint chips?

Trump got elected after the Billy Bush tapes.

Speaking on behalf of most Trump supporters: We do not care.

Psycho Joe and Crazy Mika have been calling him crazy for over a year. Finally, the mongoose strikes back.

Better get her to the waaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance.

The bottom line is tweet attacks distract attention from proposals allowing them to get through Congress. The tweets also get the media to further discredit itself, which amuses Trump supporters no end.

Maybe Hasbro can come out with a Psycho Joe action figure.

Stately McDaniel Manor: President Trump’s tweets are, to actual Americans, as opposed to Americans in name only–AINOs–refreshing. I had the opportunity to watch Mr. Trump delivering a speech to a group of veterans, past and present, at Lincoln Center not an hour ago. I was struck by how relaxed and comfortable he was, and by how quickly he has improved at public speaking. In every way, he is better now than he was during the campaign. But how is this possible?

If the Media AINOs and the RINO/AINOs are right, Mr. Trump should be a shambling wreck. He’s constantly under attack from every direction. The Republican controlled Congress is barely functional, and plenty of them are determined to undermine him. Because AINOs can’t imagine anyone doing more than one thing at a time, and that taking a very long time, they’re stunned to see him producing prodigious work, and do their best to ignore and cover it up.

Mr. Trump took a few gentle swipes at the media during his speech, and the crowd was, to put it mildly, enthusiastic. They were Americans. When Mr. Trump lets a self-important media blow-dried pajamaboy, or a female anchor with more plastic surgery than many African nations see in a year have it, Americans rejoice. They know exactly how much the self-imagined elite hate them, and if Mr. Trump is a little coarse in expressing himself, hey, it’s a hard world out there, and Americans live in it. They’re a lot more worried about putting food on the table and braces on the kid’s teeth than being invited to the right Georgetown parties. AINOs want to rule the paradise they just know they can create if only there weren’t so many of those deplorable, stupid as shit Americans–as CNN has put it–mucking things up.

Does Mr. Trump occasionally say things in ways I wouldn’t? Who cares? During my police days, I occasionally said worse, not because it was reflective of my character or normal way of speaking, but because I worked among Americans, all kinds of Americans, and they don’t all speak the same way or relate well to people that don’t sound like them. That was OK then, and it’s OK now.

There is, of course, far more going on than the occasional tweet that might have given one’s great, great, great Grandmother the vapors. AINOs know–but won’t admit–Mr. Trump is a man used to working long, hard hours, and accomplishing great things. They know he surrounds himself with the same kinds of smart, driven, capable people, as demonstrated by his appointments. They know he is used to working with all kinds of Americans, and know he likes them, and they like him. They know Americans do not share their obsessive, deranged hatred for Mr. Trump. All of that scares them–badly.

They can see he is changing the way things are done in DC, and are scared to death about how deeply he is going to dig the rot out of the swamp. He really is rich, is proud of it, and doesn’t owe anyone anything, which makes him more dangerous than any president in memory. They know Americans don’t begrudge him that wealth, which threatens to wipe out one of their primary “hate the wealthy” narratives. Worse, he is determined to exert the full power of his office, but not in the manner of Barack Obama. He’s restoring the rule of law and the constitutional limits of government. They shudder at the thought.

Media AINOs are particularly horrified that he does not fear them or prostrate himself before them. He extends them no courtesies, and expects them to be, at the least, accurate and honest, and is unbowed and ruthless at calling them out when they are not, which seems to be more often than not these days.

Oh, but the tweets damage the dignity of the office! They lower the discourse of Washington! Right. Lower than Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades or Barack Obama’s wholesale trampling of the Constitution? The tweets are not the official policy pronouncements of the American government. Americans understand that. They’re Mr. Trump’s off the cuff commentary at people he believes are damaging America, and Americans, for the most part, agree, and they laugh, oh they laugh. Even those that don’t wholeheartedly agree could care less. They can tell the difference between letting off a bit of steam, and being diplomatic when it matters. The idea the unwashed of flyover country are laughing at them drives AINOs to distraction. How dare they!?

Mr. Trump is saying some of the things Americans shout at the TV. He’s giving voice to the things Americans would love to tell morally flexible politicians and smug media twerps. He’s doing precisely what Americans elected him to do.

And oh boy, oh boy, are they enjoying it.

Doug Hagin:Well, it is hardly a national embarrassment. It is well short of the embarrassment that our media is. He should use Twitter to go over the heads of Congress. But he should stop short of the grade school insults. Using Twitter to inform the public and to push his agenda is a great strategy. But, again, he should cease with the verbal BS But I will take a president who goes that route over one that is actively trying to “fundamentally transform” America any day!

Dave Schuler : Both. It aggravates those who have never liked him and wouldn’t vote for him under any circumstances and delights his supporters who see it as standing up to a bullying, prevaricating leftist press.

The concern would be that it alienates those who voted for Trump despite his coarseness and oafishness. It also won’t attract those who found his views better on the issues but couldn’t put up with the coarseness and oafishness. So far his base support of 39% is holding. As long as that’s the case, it puts him in no real danger.

What I don’t think that the folks at CNN and MSNBC appreciate is that their constant hectoring of Trump is hurting them worse than it is him. Every antagonistic exaggeration, contrived anonymous source, or unsupported allegation may push Trump down a notch but it pushes them down, too.

It’s like that old wisecrack about mud rasslin’ with a Ppig: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it. While Trump is still not in any real danger, the liberal media may be. It won’t take a lot of successful libel suits to render them non-viable.

Bookworm Room :Why can’t the tweets be both? Yes, it is embarrassing to have our commander in chief get into fights with two sleazy, half-brained talk show hosts. Having said that, it needs to be done. First, all those Republican presidents who showed dignified silence in the face of savage press attacks were, in fact, savaged. The media hyenas didn’t see that dignity as a sign of strength; they saw it as weakness and doubled down on their attacks. Trump is crude, but he’s effective.

Second, the media ProgBots are incapable of keeping more than two things in their collective mind at more than one time, especially when one of those things is about them. In that case, the thing about them is all that they can think of. And while they’re obsessing about insults to those two sleazy, dimwitted talk show hosts, Trump is getting things done, lots and lots of useful things.

A short list of Trump’s accomplishments is forcing Europeans to step up to the EU obligations and making the German’s back down from their climate hysteria; simultaneously slimming down federal agencies while allowing those agents still employed to do their jobs — especially when the job is enforcing our existing immigration laws; unleashing the American economy by unleashing America’s capacity to produce fossil fuels; and allowing General Mattis to run the military like a military, rather than like an LGBTQRSTUV social justice experience. Given enough time, he’ll lower taxes. And if the GOPers would abandon their dignity and their animus, he’d get rid of Obamacare too.

Frankly, I’m at the point at which I would accept (although be disgusted by) President Trump doing a half-naked pole dance in the Oval Office if that would distract the media enough to allow the president to do his job. The media is the enemy and it needs to be tamed. And — and this is an important point — President Trump is not abusing the First Amendment when he attacks the media, because he’s not using the power of the government to silence them. (See, e.g., Turkey, Russia, Iran, or the entire Muslim Middle East for examples of government aggression towards media.) Instead, bless his heart, President Trump is using the power of his personality to fight the media at their own of hurling insults game.

You go, guy! That’s all I can say. You’re crude, rude, distracting . . . and very effective.

Laura Rambeau Lee :Regarding the latest Trump Twitter controversy, one question no one is asking is “did Mika and Joe go too far?” They have spent countless hours saying outrageous things about President Trump. Enough is enough! President Trump is using his Twitter posts to communicate directly with the American people and is effective in getting his message delivered free of the negativity and #FakeNews utilized by the main stream media. I am happy President Trump is savvy enough to use these new media tools to his advantage.

Well, there it is!

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June 26, 2017


Weekly Forum: What’s Your Reaction To The Special Elections?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What’s Your Reaction To The Special Elections?

Bookworm Room : The special elections mattered only because the Democrats had three erroneous beliefs: (1) That Trump voters and former #NeverTrumpers want to disable Trump; (2) that money can buy votes; and (3) that polling is credible.

The reality is that even those conservatives who don’t particularly like Trump, including those, such as Paul Mirengoff who have moved from being #NeverTrumpers to reluctantly Trump supporters, are pleased with what the President has been able to do despite the Progressives’ unrelenting efforts to sidetrack him and, if possible, destroy his presidency entirely. Trump is busy rolling back Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, authorizing federal agencies to enforce laws already on the books, repealing onerous regulations, appointing conservative judges, and leading from the front in international affairs. Compared to that, his occasionally confusing or bombastic tweets seem insignificant.

It’s also nice to see that, when it comes to deeply held principles, Americans can’t be bought. Progressives can run all the ads they want in Georgia using money from the San Francisco Bay Area, but it’s just not going to work. Again, while conservative voters (especially college-educated conservative voters) may not like Trump’s style, they sure like his substance.

Finally, who in the world is dumb enough today to put all their faith in the polls?

The reality is that each of the special elections played out precisely as logic would dictate: conservative voters voted for conservative candidates. Wise Progressives (all three of them) have figured this out; the rest of them are providing us with delightful entertainment by attacking Nancy Pelosi and insisting that they would have won if only they’d pulled even harder to the left. You go, guys!

 Rob Miller: To borrow Kellyann’s bon mot approprié, my reaction was to laugh my ossuff. More at the Dems and the media reaction than at the actual outcome, which I expected. The GOP totals alone in the election with 14 candidates running totaled more than Osssuf’s with 1 other Democrat running.

What fascinates me more is the Dem reaction.  It has split the party wide open. Not that the split wasn’t there before, but this has exacerbated it.

Julian Assange, has an interesting piece on Twit More that I dissected that explores this in depth. He says that the Democrat party is doomed. As a Bernie supporter, Assange paints a picture of what he sees as the party’s future.

Mike McDaniel: My general reaction to the special Congressional elections in GA-6 and SC-5 is: so? I’m not demonstrating indifference or apathy. In fact, I don’t care about apathy. My point is I expected both Republicans to win, and within the five-point range, which is exactly what happened.

I was secure in this expectation because for decades, it has been apparent, and even proved through research, which the media has endeavored to keep quiet, that polls tend to favor Democrats by no less than five points. Some suggest it’s because pollsters always oversample Democrats, because of confirmation bias, because some pollsters misreport–purposely–results that favor Republicans, because the media don’t report polls that favor Republicans, particularly by significant margins…the list goes on, and all are likely correct to one degree or another. Therefore, whenever a Democrat is said to be likely to win a close race, I expect the Republican to win by 3-6 points, and am rarely disappointed.

Do I need to point out how utterly unreliable the media are? Do I need to observe if they report it’s dark at midnight, I have to go outside to confirm it? Need I note if the media think the Dem is a shoe-in, I know who is going to win? Thought not.

In the Georgia race, the arguments of the candidates also told the tale. Jon Osoff, as pure a pajamaboy as the DNC could find, began as a doctrinaire Democrat, but as election day approached, he began tacking sharply toward the center, sounding very much like–gasp!–Donald Trump. Karen Handel hit Osoff hard for his earned carpetbagger status, and for the tens of millions of out of state money–mostly from California–that made the race the most expensive in history. Her frequent invocation of Nancy Pelosi was also telling. Americans aren’t fond of her; she’s the embodiment of the San Francisco liberal, clueless, entitled and self-imagined intellectually and morally superior to the flyover country deplorables about whom she and Osoff pretend to care. The comparison stuck to Osoff even as he frantically tried to present himself as just one of the working middle class Democrats love to call racists in particular and bigots in general.

These elections don’t demonstrate quite as much as Republicans and Democrats claim. The Dems have indeed lost four in a row, but in the 2018 elections, they’ll win some–law of averages. I doubt they’ll take back the House, but may slightly narrow the margin.

However, the victory, and the Dem’s bizarre spin(s) regarding it, indicate yet again that Progressivism cannot be falsified. It is akin to religious faith for the aggressively and angrily non-religious. No progressive policy or tactic can possibly be wrong, and no evidence can ever exist sufficient to prove it wrong. If a policy or tactic appears to fail, it’s because not enough money was spent: more than $30 million wasn’t enough, and besides, the Republicans spent lots of money too and didn’t win by as big a margin as they should have! Not enough time has gone by for the policy or tactic to triumph as it inevitably must: yeah we lost now, but just wait until 2018 or 2020; Americans will love our narrative then! Or inevitably, Republicans have been allowed to exist to oppose the righteous: they cheated; it was the weather; Republicans lied about us and our candidate; Russia!, TRUMP!

This makes it very unlikely that Democrats will be able to diagnose their failure and make adjustments. They’ve spent decades so stirring their base into derangement, the entire party is essentially socialist, leaning communist, will all the totalitarian tendencies of those ideologies. Some Dems are apparently recognizing at least some of their huge liabilities, but it’s unlikely the base monster they’ve so willingly created will allow them to move anywhere near the center of traditional American politics.

Thank goodness–and Nancy Pelosi–for that.

Oh, and what must life be like for such perpetually angry, hateful and aggrieved people? All people of good will must pray for such miserable people.

Doug Hagin:Well, I am pleased with the results, although not surprised in the least. And, I am happy that the Democrats still do not get why they lost. They really are in denial.

Don Surber: The special elections represented five open congressional seats, which are the best way to flip a district, especially this late in the 10-year redistricting cycle.

However, all five seats — four Republican and one Democratic — remained in their respective parties’s folds. This shows the regional partisan split continues.
Rare will be the state that has a Republican senator and a Democratic senator in the future. Last year, there were 34 Senate races. Republicans took all 22 in the states Trump won. Democrats took all 12 in the states Clinton won.

At present, the double victory on Tuesday gave Trump a boost. Democrats are deflated. The party is becoming a coffee klatch run by a bunch of bickering, catty, little old ladies — Hillary, Nancy, and Chuck Schumer. To keep the troops moving forward, they dialed up the rhetoric to 11. It isn’t working.
Obama will try to rev up the base, but he split the base by playing racial politics for eight years. The return of the Black Liberation Movement under the alias of Black Lives Matter makes politics less fun for white people.Who needs the guilt? So he is turning off much of the base.
On top of that, Obama has the smell of loser now.

Trump let the air out of all of Obama’s programs. We are not even six months into this administration. Even Michelle’s carrot sticks and kale school lunches are gone. Trump is feeding the kids corn dogs and cheese puffs.

Ossoff’s head is on the pike. Pajama Boy is this year’s Wendy Davis. Abortion Barbie meet Planned Parenthood Ken.

The Karen Handel Forget Planned Parenthood Money Act is coming. Revenge is being served hot and spicy.

We may not get tired of winning, but surely the big Democratic donors are exhausted from all that losing. DNC revenues hit their lowest in 14 years last month. Adjusted for inflation that is, let’s see (gets out calculator) pitiful.

At some point, losing no longer is fun. You do something else. I say this as a Cleveland sports fan. About this time of year, you assess the Indians record and calculate if the Tribe is worth the emotional investment. This year the verdict is yes. Other years no. I went through 35 seasons in which the Indians had only 6 winning seasons. A fair weather fan is a sane fan.

So it is with politics. If Trump lost, I would have quit blogging. It’s that simple.
Imagine people more marginally involved in politics. Has anyone seen Jane Fonda lately?
So the short answer is Democrats are deflated, Trump is pumped.

 Dave Schuler: The Democratic National Committee, with the obtuseness they’ve displayed for the last dozen years or so, chose to make the special elections a referendum on Trump. Now they’re stuck with it.

No matter how much they wish it were otherwise, politics has been, is, and will remain local. The Democrats need to learn how to do retail politics again. Field qualified candidates who actually live in the districts they want to represent, who know the districts and are known by them. Formulate an agenda and run on issues. Build local organizations.

Don’t expect the electorate at large to recoil in horror from Republicans the way you do. Other than in a few urban centers and college towns, most people just don’t look at things that way.

Laura Rambeau Lee : The Democrats appear unaware the majority of Americans remain firmly center right. The Democrat Party of today offers nothing but nasty partisanship and hateful rhetoric. Their progressive Marxist ideology and identity politics appeal to a very small segment of the population. The American people do not want this continued chaos and division being stirred up by progressive agitators. We want good jobs. We want the opportunity to better ourselves and raise our families and for the most part to be let alone. We want less government intrusion into our lives, not more. We do not want a nanny state and we know that promises of free health care and college tuition are lies. We treasure our freedom and are seeing it slip away, particularly through policies implemented by the Democrat party.

The Democrat Party has no good leader and no message that appeals to the average American voter. These last special elections prove no amount of money or celebrity endorsements can buy our votes. As long as the Democrat party remains deaf to the needs of the American people and continues to push their radical agenda they will continue to lose support for their candidates.

As for me, I’m still laughing my Ossoff.

All Good Things,

Well, there it is!

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June 19, 2017


The Weekly Forum Forum: What Will be The End Result Of Mueller’s Investigation?

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question:What Will be The End Result Of Mueller’s Investigation?

Mike McDaniel: The results of Mueller’s investigation do not require the insight of an Old Testament prophet. Special prosecutors spends tens, even hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, and they prosecute as many people for as many crimes as they can… I was going to say “for as many crimes as they can find,” but the better formulation would be: “for as many crimes as they can manufacture.”

Take the “Russian collusion” narrative. Even Democrats are beginning to back away from that one. There is no such crime as “collusion,” which is nothing more than agreeing on a course or action or working in concert toward it. One might conceivably violate portions of the espionage statutes, perhaps money laundering, even RICO, which is often stretched to attack little girls running lemonade stands, but people may discuss, even make manifest, their common views on a variety of topics–collude, if you will–without violating the law.

There might be treason, but that’s so yesterday. Progressives have always loved the Russians and envied their totalitarian ways. They only changed their views because TRUMP. Only five people in American history have been convicted of treason, but Progressives would surely think it the most important statute in the history of the Republic if they thought they could use it against President Trump or someone close to him.

Another significant problem is that as head of the Executive branch, Mr. Trump has the unlimited power to fire the Director of the FBI; he’s part of the Executive branch. President Trump has the same power to demand any federal prosecutor, from the Attorney General down to the newest junior prosecutor just hired in Buffalo Breath, ND, cease prosecution of any case. He need not produce any reason. That’s all part of the rule of law, which progressives find so inconvenient.

Let’s review: Mr. Trump, apparently feeling kindly toward General Flynn, and thinking he had suffered enough, told James Comey he hoped–hoped–Comey could see his way clear to let the Flynn case go. Comey testified–in a Mittyish manner–he didn’t consider this an order to end the investigation, which by all accounts, was already ended. He also testified he did not do anything to end that, or any other investigation, and the current, acting head of the FBI testified no one has tried to influence or stop any investigation. Yet Progressives are screaming “obstruction of justice,” and “cover up.”

How can the President of the United States obstruct justice when he did not direct Comey to do anything, and when he has absolute constitutional power to direct Comey to end any investigation at will? Even if Mr. Trump specifically told Comey to drop a specific investigation/prosecution–and he didn’t–that’s not a crime, merely an exercise of the President’s prosecutorial discretion. Whether it would be a politically wise thing to do is another matter, but a political matter, not a crime.

Mr. Trump is right. It’s a witch hunt. Mueller has been hiring legions of known leftist lawyers. I remember not long ago when James Comey was universally hailed as a straight shooter, as a man who would never put his thumb on the scale of justice. As Sarah Palin would say: “How’s that workin’ out for yah?” Now Mueller is the straight shooter, but thus far, all his rounds are bending sharply to the left.

This is nothing more than standard progressive tactics, as in the case of former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Austin’s chief prosecutor, a real piece of work, was arrested for drunk driving, and her horrifically bad behavior, which required her to be strapped to a chair, and which included threats, was videotaped. As she was in charge of the state’s public accountability unit–prosecuting corrupt public officials–Perry thought it wise she resign. She refused, so Perry made it clear he’d veto funds for that sole function–not the entire prosecutor’s office–and when she still refused to resign, he did.

He was charged with multiple felonies, which came down to arguing the Governor could be convicted of crimes for exercising his constitutional authority. Perry eventually won; all charges were dismissed, but it took years, cost millions, and destroyed Perry’s presidential hopes, which, apart from the general, enthusiastic exercise of leftist hate and cruelty, was the point of the prosecution.

It is inconceivable that Mueller, who is reported to be hiring large numbers of plainly leftist lawyers, with no end in sight, will simply close up shop and announce no crimes were found. This is, in the finest progressive Washington DC style, an investigation in search of a crime, and someone to hang it on–actually, someone to hang in general. With that in mind, trifles such as probable cause, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, credible witnesses and evidence and the presumption of innocence until the state proves one guilty certainly won’t be bothered with.

In this case, Shylock will get his pound of flesh, and it will take him at least four years, or more, to get it. Just as with Rick Perry, that’s the point.

Rob Miller:Here’s what I had to say about this elsewhere, and I’m sticking by it:

Expect that Mueller’s ‘investigation’ will end with him not finding any criminal charges (because there aren’t any that are remotely possible) but having enough to say about ‘improper conduct’ and ‘possible misconduct, but I couldn’t find any direct evidence’ to keep the Left’s fire burning. Expect Mueller to take his time as well…the Democrats are already saying they will push the bogus ‘Trump-Russia’ narrative through the 2018 midterms.

That’s about as long as the Left is going to be able to keep this nonsense going. After that, the same tactic the Clintons and Obama used successfully is going to backfire on them…people get bored after awhile.

If the president does his job, the economy continues to do well, the AHCA is implemented, tax reform becomes a reality and illegal migration is curtailed, the American people at large aren’t going to care about what the NYT or CNN manufactures. And the hard left will fail in its attempt to take over congress.

Dave Schuler: There will be no end result. It will grind on without much in the way of results until the end of Trump’s second term, he’s defeated in his bid for re-election, he resigns or declines to run for re-election, he dies in office, the investigation is terminated, either by the Congress or by the president, or some combination of the above.

Laura Rambeau Lee : The American people are outraged at the unsubstantiated allegations by unknown sources regarding the Trump Administration’s “obstruction of justice” accusations that continue to be reported in the media. Yet during former FBI Director Comey’s testimony he revealed Hillary Clinton was in fact under investigation when Bill Clinton met former Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her plane. Comey also disclosed that Lynch directed him not to call it an investigation and instead he should call it a “matter” when discussing it. Shortly thereafter he reported they would not be pursuing charges against Clinton after reciting a list of the numerous illegal activities committed by Clinton. This is the very definition of collusion and obstruction. This is what should be investigated. And yet the media refuses to cover and expose this story.

This is a witch hunt by people who still cannot believe their precious Hillary Clinton did not win the election and their anger has not subsided. In fact, it continues to escalate as the progressive media pushes the narrative that President Trump colluded with the Russians in the election. Since none of our intelligence agencies could find any evidence of this, they are now pursuing obstruction of justice charges against President Trump for his firing of Comey. President Trump has the constitutional power and right to fire anyone in the executive branch at any time.

Nothing good will come of this investigation. We the people need to put unrelenting pressure on our congressmen and woman to support President Trump and insist on an end to the investigation. We need to allow our president to get on with his agenda and keep his campaign promises. And those Republicans who refuse to support our president should be primaried out in 2018 and 2020. Drain the swamp.

Well, there it is!

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May 29, 2017


Memorial Day Tribute : We Will Not Forget

Originally posted on JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group:
Remembering those brave men and women who gave all for our freedom. JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group View original post

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January 29, 2017


A Heartbreaking Video of Another Family Forced to Leave Ontario

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:
The Ontario Liberals should really be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity or any other breech of public trust laws that can be found.  They are the most uncaring, callous government this country has ever seen. Click on picture to view video. ? Related video: Hydro Prices…

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January 17, 2017


Energy poverty in Ontario — Mel and John’s story

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:
Melanie (Mel) and her husband, John, live with their two preschool children in a 3 bedroom bungalow just south of Owen Sound.  Mel and John both work full-time while her mother cares for their children. “Day care is totally out of the question,” she says.  “We have to save…

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November 25, 2016


Dead Teens and Democrats — Wild Bill for America

Originally posted on JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group:
It is not a gun problem, it is a moral problem. Address the real problem. JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group View original post

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November 23, 2016


Energy Poverty — G.K.’s story

Originally posted on Quixotes Last Stand:
G.K. and his family live just south of Shelburne in a century home. Heat is provided by an oil furnace, so heating is relatively cheap at the moment. Heat isn’t the main concern for them. Keeping the lights on — is.  Buying food  — is.  Buying gas to get to…

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