Remove Wind Power from the President’s “All of the Above” Energy Plan

November 27, 2012


An article in National Review Online, by Robert Bryce, reveals the Backlash against Big Wind Continues . When it comes to reporting on the failures of “green” energy alternatives, the main stream media and the environmental eco-terrorists remain suspiciously silent.  In the latest of consumer complaints against wind turbines, the residents of New York’s Herkimer County have filed a lawsuit in Albany against “the Spanish electric utility Iberdrola, which is the second-largest wind-energy operator in the U.S.  The Herkimer County residents — all of whom live within a mile or so of the $200 million Hardscrabble Wind Power Project — are suing Iberdrola and a group of other companies because of the noise and disruption caused by the wind project.”

Reports have been increasing of complaints surrounding the noise caused by wind turbines.  Many residents wholeheartedly supported these wind turbines being utilized as an alternative energy source to provide electricity for their homes.  The reality, however, has led them to the courts to undo the damage caused by the turbines.  In addition to the many complaints of noise and disruption caused by the wind turbines, people are also discovering that the electric service provided by the turbines is not dependable as a constant source of energy.  A backup source utilizing coal or fossil fuel is necessary to guarantee dependability of service by the utilities.

People have also begun to realize a substantial loss of property values and inability to sell their homes due to their close proximity to the wind turbines.  Reports have also revealed that in some communities people have complained of headaches and seizures caused by the strobing effect of the sun shining through the rotating blades of the turbines at certain times of the day.  Many have had to shutter their homes completely to avoid this unsettling and unhealthy effect.

As reported in the Institute for Energy Research, in Great Britain wind turbines have proved to be undependable sources of electricity, to the point of absurdity.  In the winter, the wind turbines became so cold that they seized up.  Generators had to be brought to the turbines to heat them up and keep them turning, although they were not able to provide more energy than it took to run the generators that kept them warm.  In the spring, the turbines spun so wildly that the government had to pay the utility to shut them down.  There is no viable, cost-effective method to store energy once it is generated.

Energy produced by wind turbines has repeatedly failed to be a reliable source.  The Obama Administration, along with the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency must concede that wind power is a massive failure, and remove it from their “all of the above” energy plan.

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One Comment on “Remove Wind Power from the President’s “All of the Above” Energy Plan”

  1. ss442 Says:

    The EPA and it’s associations and appendages are one of the most stupid organizations in the world. Neither wind nor solar can survive without taxpayer subsidized payment. All environmental issues that would kill and oil or gas wells, nuclear power Plant or acreage for cattle grazing is a problem according to their mantra but, put up an unsightly expensive solar or wind farm funded by taxpayers they are orgasmic. No problems with prairie chickens or desert tortoises or eagles for that matter.

    What the left should do is build a better mouse trap. Build a better, cheaper energy producing powerplant that people would want to buy through having a better product rather than forcing taxpayers to fork out billions on losers. To back up my claim the EPA is stupid, right now they are making plans to blow the dams in the McCloud River Watershed that includes power plants and lakes, about 4 of them that provide about 400 Megawatts of hydroelectric power for the region in 2022.


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