The occupiers invade downtown Tampa and remembering Steve Jobs

October 8, 2011

Politics/National Debt

Tampa’s weak version of Occupy Wall Street began with several hundred gathering at Lyke’s Gaslight Square in downtown Tampa. They marched through the streets with signs proclaiming to be part of the 99%, referring to the inequality of wealth distribution in the nation where the top 1% control a majority of the country’s wealth.

While in New York City people have been camped out for over three weeks, the occupiers left the square Thursday night, fearing arrests for trespassing if they remained.  Friday morning only a dozen or so returned to the square.

It is of particular interest that the city did not require this group to obtain proper permits for such a gathering.

In the past the tea party groups have had to pay for permits to use the downtown parks for their gatherings.

Why is the same not required for the Occupiers? Is there a double standard in Tampa?To read full article click here.

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