Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the UN OIC

“Peer pressure and shaming” – very interesting – my college German professor, who grew up in Nazi Germany, spoke of this very exact method to create good little Nazis, while those who wouldn’t get in step were publicly humiliated. Later they just disappeared! Hillary Clinton is in her element, a true Alinsky protege.  Read Pamela Geller’s article here in Atlas Shrugs.

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One Comment on “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the UN OIC”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    It is beyond me WHY the NON-ISLAMIC ‘world’ still believes that these people do NOT represent a “RELIGION”….

    ISLAM IS A “WAY OF LIFE” and should not be in any way be regarded or treated as a religion. They have proven this over and over – Why won’t the world open their collective eyes and see the TRUTH?


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