It has to be anyone but Mitt!

Before we turn out the lights, close the door and declare Mitt Romney “the one” who will challenge President Barack Obama in the November presidential election, perhaps we should dig a bit deeper into his past performance during his time as governor of Massachusetts. His actions as governor of Massachusetts will in all likelihood indicate what we can expect from a “President” Romney.

As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney enacted the Massachusetts Climate Protection Plan , embracing anthropogenic (man-made) climate change to support programs encouraging renewable “green” energy solutions, sustainable development and smart growth. This plan built upon former Massachusetts Governor Jane M. Swift’s   Executive Order No. 438 and her creation of the State Sustainability Program.

Almost immediately upon assuming office, Governor Romney created the Office of Commonwealth Development (OCD) for the purpose of administering and coordinating the functions of existing agencies which implement state housing, transportation, environmental and energy programs and policies to promote smart growth in Massachusetts. These policies were enacted to encourage population growth along transportation corridors and curtail urban sprawl.  In addition, goals were set to reduce carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This “social engineering” is an attempt to conform future growth patterns in concert with the objectives presented by the United Nations and its organization(originally created as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, or ICLEI) now known as Local Governments for Sustainability.  This organization boasts membership of over 1220 local governments in 70 countries.

Sustainable development is a primary objective of the United Nations Environmental Programme and arose out of the original Rio Earth Summit in 1992.  In anticipation of the twenty year anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, scheduled for June of this year, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development has issued a vision statement entitled The Future We Want.  Section C, Item No. 58 states “We agree to take steps to give further effect to Rio Principle 10 at the global, regional and national level, as appropriate.” This refers to Agenda 21 – Chapter 10 titled “INTEGRATED APPROACH TO THE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT OF LAND RESOURCES”.

Much of what has been at the roots of this country’s, and in fact the world’s, economic problems has to do with those attempts to comply with the increasingly regulated and restrictive energy policies and land growth models as advanced through Agenda 21.

Recent negative campaign ads have attacked former Governor Mitt Romney as a “vulture capitalist”.  Although we may find his activities distasteful during his employment with Bain Capital, what he did was completely legal.  An article by Charles Riley in CNN Money, Romney’s Bain Blowout, states: “What Romney did at Bain Capital was use leverage to acquire companies, improve them, and sell them at a profit.  Along the way, several of those companies failed, and some workers lost their jobs. At the same time, some of the companies Bain Capital invested in did quite well, and Romney helped create millions in profits.”

This journalist is less concerned with Mitt Romney as the real-life personification of Gordon Gecko of Wall Street fame, saying “Greed…is good”, and more with his embrace of the radical left’s global vision of environmental, social and economic justice.

Romney’s actions as Massachusetts’ governor, whether it be his sustainability, smart growth and climate change policies, or the state mandate for health care, leads to the conclusion that he is not the social or fiscal conservative he purports himself to be. He is clearly a big government guy.


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2 Comments on “It has to be anyone but Mitt!”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    ON ROMNEY… Conservatives are between a rock (Iraq?) and a hard place. ONLY Ron Paul seems to stick to the same story all the time – ignoring the 20-year-old mailings he was involved with.

    ELECTABILITY is PRIMARY. I just don’t know who else could pull it off. I don’t LIKE him as president – yeah, he’s AGENDA 21-ish. But we need ‘somebody other than Odumdum as POTUS for 4 years, until we could “SUPER-ADVANCE” a truly great Conservative to replace Mitt – Maybe Rubio?

    I’m angry, confused, fed-up, and sick about America’s condition and ‘near future’. Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it….


  2. Brian Maday Says:

    Mitt is definitely not suitable as POTUS – “He lies like a fenced-in sheep owned by a widower”.


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