Catch Shares program and Agenda 21

February 22, 2012

Agenda 21

I have been following this issue for quite some time, although I have not written about it. The Federal government, through NOAA, is decimating our commercial and recreational fishing industries. Were you aware that 85% of our fish is imported? How can this be?

Here is a video on how NOAA is spending the fine money they are stealing from our fishermen on luxury boats!


Message from Captain Sid attached to the petition he sent.  PLEASE share with everyone you know.  We need signatures!!

Watch the video here of Rep. Scott Brown. What he does not mention is that Dr. Lubchenco has made it a top priority to implement the Agenda 21, Catch Share allocation system in ALL American fisheries. It has worked so well up in the NE that the Gov. of Mass. has declared an Economic Disaster and was turned down on his request for $20 million in aid for the fishing industry there. Also, Lubchenco and other top NOAA officials have been totally un-responsive to over 100 communications to them that detailed the bogus nature of the 2008 red snapper stock assessment that was used to totally close a very healthy fishery. (This information was also presented in a Congressional Hearing this past July)  This ongoing closure has deprived American consumers with a prime source of top quality domestic fish and inflected heavy economic losses on fishermen and local economies.

Capt. Sid Preskitt

Link for petition:



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