Creeping Shari’ah – We cannot ignore the danger

February 24, 2012

Islamic Shari'ah

An American Muslim judge in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania imposes Shari’ah on a man who dressed as “Zombie Muhammad” in a Halloween Parade last year.  He was accosted by a Muslim man who was offended by this display of disrespect of the Prophet Muhammad.

The video of the hearing can be accessed here. Hat tip Atlas Shrugs.

We are seeing the Shari’ah becoming more “accepted” in America, usurping the Florida Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America in decisions of our courts.

We have Shari’ah compliant mortgage financing.  We have seen a Palestinian woman brutally beaten to death in Tampa, her murder swept under the carpet so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities.

Please encourage Florida law makers to support legislation titled Application of Foreign Laws in Certain Cases (HB 1209, SB 1360).  This legislation would prohibit certain provisions of foreign laws including Shari’ah law from being considered by Florida courts if they do not afford the same liberties, rights and privileges guaranteed by the Florida and US Constitution.

The Senate Budget Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Chair has scheduled SB 1360  for consideration on Tuesday, February 28, 2012.

Thus far, three committees have approved this legislation with only one dissenting vote.  To read the full details at Florida Family Association click here.

This legislation has passed all of the assigned committees in the Florida House and is ready to be heard by the full house of representatives.  However, this legislation must pass in this senate subcommittee.

United Voices for America will be in Tallahassee on February 28 to fight this bill. They are inviting all Muslims to Tallahassee on February 28th for the 4th annual 2012 Florida Muslim Capitol Day.

The proposed bill would in no way diminish the ability of the Muslim faithful to peaceably practice their religion. It merely seeks to affirm the Florida Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America as the Supreme Law of the Land.

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One Comment on “Creeping Shari’ah – We cannot ignore the danger”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    I am afraid that we will soon all become aware – the Islamization of America (the title of Ms Geller’s book) is not just a ‘book title’. IT IS HAPPENING.

    Based on reproductive studies in America, “plain ‘ol white folks” will become a minority by 2025 (or so), leaving the growing Hispanic, Black and Muslim populations to “duke it out for control”.

    THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. It is indeed sad that America will go the way of ALL other Republics in human history – But we won’t be around to see it.


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