Right Reason update March 24, 2012

New York Mayor Bloomberg policing homeless diets

Yid with Lid: Obamacare lies and reality

Diana West: UK media not covering honor crimes and murders – If you follow the news in Great Britain, many crimes committed by Muslims reported as “Asians”.

Brasscheck TV: Aspartame – made from GMO bacteria – Be aware of what is in your food.  GMO products approved by the US FDA are banned from use in many other countries. There has been a marked increase in obesity, diabetes, autism, early onset puberty, etc. since GMOs have been introduced into our food supply since 1994. Is there a connection?

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3 Comments on “Right Reason update March 24, 2012”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    OK – Got me sold – Monsanto is EVIL. They are “messing with Mother Nature”, and it will all come back to us – as their work BLINDS and KILLS MILLIONS!


  2. Brian Maday Says:

    Laura – I looked at ALL the items you posted on 3-24-12. I feel sick. I don’t know what will happen in the 2012 Election, but I’m not REALLY sure of the effects either way.
    I now “carry” ALL the time. I am continually adding to my “Prep” stores and readiness.

    I guess mostly, I try to enjoy life, and give thanks that I am a “Senior” and won’t have ALL that long to deal with it – I just feel very bad that I can’t do more for those who will have to endure after I check out. I may have only one life to give for my country – but I think I can take out a pretty good load of Devils before I go…


  3. Alfredia Wesson Says:

    Obesity is really one of the health problems which plaque our society these days, It is easily treatable by being more physical and of course by having a healthy and balanced diet. “;,“


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