Right Reason newsletter June 5, 2012 – creeping Shari’ah

June 5, 2012

Islamic Shari'ah

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One Comment on “Right Reason newsletter June 5, 2012 – creeping Shari’ah”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    As time goes by, on a daily basis, it’s very much like watching a child grow – daily changes are ‘creeping’ while yearly changes are astounding. I believe that the growth of islam and shariah law (WORLDWIDE) are the same.

    We say it is creeping – but it is NOT – it is thundering down the road at an ever accelerating pace. Yes, it “CREEPS” daily – but it is coming at us at an almost BLINDING PACE.

    We nee to become aware of this VERY SOON, and start fighting this enemy in ernest!


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