Happy Warriors Are We!

June 20, 2012

Politics/National Debt

I had the pleasure of attending the RightOnline 2012 conference in Las Vegas at the beautiful Venetian this past weekend.  Meeting hundreds of like minded Happy Warriors was inspiring and confirmed to me our purpose is right and our movement is going to be more than an historic postscript in future textbooks.  We will change the course of this country and restore our republic to the one envisioned by the founding fathers; a land where men are free and government exists only to preserve that freedom and protect our property and our shores.

So many celebrities in the conservative media came to cheer us on and inspire us to continue our work.  They made us feel as if we were the celebrities. They recognize that we, like they, are playing an integral part in the movement with our command of social media tools; covering news events and exposing political corruption at all levels of government.

Michelle Malkin spoke proudly of being “just a blogger”, a moniker given to her derisively by Juan Williams of FOX News on a recent Sean Hannity Show.

I loved her quote, “Journalism is not something you are, it is something you do.”  She spoke of the “dead tree media” and the cowardly journalists who will not stand up and tell the truth. These liberal-elite journalists; borne out of Ivy League schools where the relics of a long-lost 60’s revolution (“the gray pony-tails”, as Andrew Breitbart called them); speak of how mad we are. Yes, we are mad!  We voted dutifully, if not sacredly, entrusting that those we elected were looking out for us and honoring their oath to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  We worked hard and played by the rules and then…the rules changed.  We are channeling our anger in civilized discourse and peaceable assembly, and they are baffled.

They are the miserable ones, and they know we are winning!

Videos of Michelle Malkin from Friday night, and Saturday morning, can be seen on Shane Vander Hart’s Caffeinated Thoughts.

Many thanks to Americans for Prosperity, Tim Phillips, Slade O’Brien, Stephanie Fontenot and all of the speakers who took the time to encourage us and help us expand our knowledge of the tools we utilize to assist us in growing our message and our audience, and create a massive network of conservative bloggers.

My big take away from RightOnline 2012 – We cannot lose sight of why we fight.  We are force multipliers. We are Happy Warriors!

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