Carbon Price Propaganda Taxes the Truth

June 22, 2012

Agenda 21, Energy/Environment

More from Viv Forbes at Carbon Sense Coalition

Calling it “A Price on Carbon” is two more lies:

Firstly, a tax is a compulsory levy on production, consumption, income or expenditure.

A price is the amount voluntarily offered, paid or received for real goods or services.

Therefore the “Price on Carbon” is a tax.

Secondly, carbon is a solid element rarely found isolated in nature. Diamonds and graphite are examples. Carbon is usually combined with other elements forming coal, oil, gas, plants, animals and all foods they eat.

Any form of carbon when burnt or digested produces a colourless harmless natural gaseous plant food called carbon dioxide. This gas is what they will tax.

Therefore what is being imposed on Australia is not a “price on carbon”, it is a “tax on carbon dioxide”.

Both deceptions are deliberate. What is the Commissioner for Deceptive Advertising doing?


Carbon Tax Retrospective?


Australia’s carbon tax has already started to combat global warming by producing the coldest May in Canberra for fifty years.

Julia did not tell us that her tax was retrospective.


Viv Forbes

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2 Comments on “Carbon Price Propaganda Taxes the Truth”

  1. akathesob Says:

    There is no truth anymore!



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