Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Follow the Ideology

June 25, 2012

Politics/National Debt

I met Bill Whittle at the RightOnline 2012 conference in Las Vegas.  I have used his videos in previous articles, as he articulates the issues simply and understandable by most people who understand the ideology of the progressive/leftist agenda.

This was not a botched program, it was designed to involve Mexican casualties.  Thousands of deadly weapons went into Mexico. Over 300 Mexicans were killed by these untracked weapons.  Also, Border Agent Brian Terry was killed, shot in the back, 18 miles within our country, away from the Mexican border.

This is Watergate with 300 dead people lying on the ground!  If President Obama was involved in the decision making, which is suspected with his invoking of Executive Privilege, shouldn’t he be impeached?

One thing that has not been widely discussed – since these activities occurred across the U.S. and Mexican border – is this not an “international incident”? Why hasn’t the President of Mexico made any noise about hundreds of his citizens being killed by American weapons?  Perhaps he had knowledge of the program…just saying.

All I can say is, President Nixon had the decency to resign over the Watergate scandal, and no one died.


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