Right Reason news update July 9, 2012

  • Morning Bell: Transportation Secretary wants us to be like Communist China… You know, where a few of the powerful elite make decisions for the masses, like high speed rail and health care.  Democracy be damned, is what he has just said!
  • Obama prepares to drop tax increase bomb on job creators – In another attempt to promote class division, President Obama wants to secure the Bush tax cuts for the “middle class”, but tax everyone who makes over $250,000 per year.  He refuses to acknowledge that people who make $250,000 are most of the small business owners in this country, who employ nearly 70% of the labor force. Even Nancy Pelosi does not agree with this newest ploy! And do not forget, the Affordable Care Act is the biggest tax increase in our history. Hap Tip: Big Government
  • Video: Rape victim executed under the Shari’ah in Afghanistan – Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs – Why are we even trying to civilize these people? We have given too much blood and treasure for a country and people who wish us DEAD!
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