Obama campaign has hit a new low!

July 13, 2012

Politics/National Debt

This week, President Obama’s deputy campaign manager for the 2012 election, Stephanie Cutter, suggested that Mitt Romney is a felon…that he misrepresented his time at Bain Capital.  He has now been called the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon.  The problem is, Mitt Romney has disclosed everything he must at this point in the campaign.

At issue?  In 1999 he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bain Capital when he was called upon to help with the scandalized 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The scandal involved allegations of bribery of top officials to win the rights to host the games in Salt Lake City.  He did not quit Bain Capital, but he did turn over the everyday operations and decision-making to other executives within the company.  Most people familiar with the corporate world understand that one can remain a Chairman of the Board and not be responsible for the operations and decision-making of a company.

What many in the media overlook is that Mitt Romney saved the United States from a very ugly scandal that would have had international repercussions.  He worked tirelessly and without any compensation, missing his 30th wedding anniversary and his wife’s birthday.

Stephanie Cutter should be fired from her position on President Obama’s campaign for her unsubstantiated accusation that Mitt Romney is a felon.

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One Comment on “Obama campaign has hit a new low!”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    Water off a duck’s back. Imam Odumba and his close cast of lying muslim helpers will say anything. I don’t pay attention to ANYTHING POTUS says anymore. If YOU do, you’re a FOOL.


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