The truth about “Uncle Tom”

July 25, 2012

Politics/National Debt

Those of you who find the idea of a black woman being a conservative and a Republican unusual do not understand the history of our country.  I suggest you read the book  Stolen History, by Frantz Emmanuel Kebreau.  The Republican Party was established because as the country was expanding the Missouri Compromise restricted slavery north of latitude 36 degrees 30′.  In 1854, Congress passed the Kansas Nebraska Act, which allowed the new territory to decide for themselves whether to allow slavery or not, and essentially repealed the Missouri Compromise.

If you have never read the original Uncle Tom’s Cabin, I highly recommend it for everyone.  What has not been taught in our schools is that Uncle Tom would not leave his master because he had not been saved and accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour!  How many know that?

After the Civil War, the Civil Rights Act of 1875 was passed, making it against the law to discriminate based on race.  Thirteen black men from the south actually served in Congress after the Civil War.  In 1883 the Supreme Court ruled against the Civil Rights Act, determining it was a State’s Rights issue.  However, all federal workers and the military were integrated until Woodrow Wilson segregated federal workers and the military in 1914.

Anyway, the point of this post is that one of my fellow bloggers, Stacy on the Right, was called an Uncle Tom again by a lib, and she revisited a youtube video she made last year, explaining why she is a conservative.

Conservatism is not a black or white, or any other color, issue.  It is the belief that less government is best, and that all people are free, not because a government allows them to be free, but because we are bestowed these inalienable rights by our Creator.

Here’s to Stacy on the Right, a great conservative fighting the good fight for the right!

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2 Comments on “The truth about “Uncle Tom””

  1. akathesob Says:

    Great article… Had to share.


  2. Brian Maday Says:

    I find it SO SAD that such a large number of blacks just “listen to what they are told” and go DEMOCRAT – especially since the REPUBLICANS have been responsible for just about every law pushing equality, since Abe Lincoln.


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