Mitt Romney announces Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate

August 11, 2012

Politics/National Debt

Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his choice for running mate this morning. This could be an undefeatable team against the Obama Administration. Once again, Mitt Romney has shown his business acumen, as his choice of someone who has been working on the federal budget for three years as Chairman of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, means that once elected and inaugurated, we can hit the ground running. There will be no learning curve with Vice President Paul Ryan.

We all know that the most important issue facing the United States is overspending and entitlements. We also know that to turn this economy around, Obamacare and the crippling programs and regulations that have stifled growth must be repealed, and a realistic budget must be passed.

We are looking at massive changes to our social security and medicare programs, but it is the only way that we will be able to get our fiscal house in order.  Better that we engage in necessary austerity measures now than bankrupt our country and continue to steal from our children and grandchildren.

It does not hurt that Paul Ryan is a good family man, as is Mitt Romney, and a Catholic.  Perhaps this will help those who might be a bit skeptical about Romney’s Mormon faith. Some may consider this a risky move, but it is the right move.

Should be some interesting debates between Ryan and Biden.

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