Parents and experts protest CAIR in Hillsborough County Schools

September 14, 2012

Islamic Shari'ah

Below are several videos from the Tuesday, September 11th protests in Tampa regarding a representative from CAIR being allowed to address our children in their classrooms. If you do not know that your children are being exposed to Islam in their classrooms, you must know about ChannelOne.

As the Middle East is going up in flames and  we are seeing expressions of hatred of the United States and its people in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and the Sudan, it is important to be aware of what is happening right here in our classrooms under the supposedly watchful eye of our school board and our teachers and professors.

We are not Islamophobes, racists or bigots. We are parents and citizens concerned about the education and safety of our children.

Video of press interviewing Dr. Charles Jacobs with, an American Anti-Slavery Group,  and Americans for Peace and Tolerance, and Melvin Bledsoe, whose son Carlos was indoctrinated into Islam at Tennessee State University.

Second part of the video

Third part of the video

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy – Don’t let your schools be used to advance Shari’ah. Daris Long, whose son Andy, an Army recruiter, was gunned down by the radicalized American son Carlos Bledsoe.

Fourth part of the video can be viewed in the next post.

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