PJTV: Andrew Klavan asks, “Is Barack Obama Jesus Christ?”

October 2, 2012


The video below may be a bit sarcastic, but Andrew’s point must be taken seriously.


At the tenth anniversary of 9/11, here in Tampa the kindergarten class at Sam Rampello Elementary School began singing a song. I had stopped videotaping the program, but when I listened to the words they were singing I was appalled.  They were singing “Fighting Fear With Friendship”.  I had never heard this song before, but was able to find it posted on the internet.  Here are the words:

“Children of America, there’s a way to conquer fear, It’s time that we all get along, so hate with disappear”

The chorus was very disturbing, as the children sang:

“Fighting fear with friendship, it is our Nation’s call. Our President has asked the “kids” to be a friend to all.”

Click here for the link to the song.

Our youngest and most impressionable children are being indoctrinated right before our eyes!


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