2012 Voter Information for the Tampa Bay area

October 24, 2012

Politics/National Debt

Early voting begins this Saturday, October 27, 2012.  The Supervisors of Elections have provided a list of early voting locations, which can be accessed by clicking on your county below:

Election Day is Tuesday November 6, 2012 and polling places will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

In addition to voting for the federal, state and local candidates, there are eleven proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution.  As always seems to be the case, these proposed amendments are extremely difficult to read.  However, they are all very important, as changing the Constitution is serious business.  The best site I have found which explains the ramifications of each of these amendments is from Krisanne Hall. As a lawyer and Constitutional expert who understands the issues she has produced a 2012 Florida Amendment Voter Guide.  She explains each amendment clearly and understandably and also brings her expertise of the law and her rationale of the implications should they become a part of our Constitution.

In Hillsborough County, an additional referendum is on the ballot:

Amends Charter To Require Financial Impact Statement For All County Charter Amendments And Countywide Referenda:

“Shall county Charter be amended to provide that the Board of County Commissioners require by ordinance that a separate financial impact statement, not exceeding seventy-five words, including a two-year estimate of the increase or decrease in the revenues or costs to the county resulting from an approval of all proposed county Charter amendments and all proposed countywide referenda unrelated to county Charter amendment, be prepared by county budget director and placed on ballot immediately following ballot question?”

By voting YES on this referendum, you are agreeing that in any future referenda or county Charter amendments, a clear statement will be attached explaining the cost or impact that would result from its enactment. It will be of tremendous benefit to know how your vote will impact our pocketbooks – and the county’s coffers.

In addition, there are three Florida Supreme Court judges who are up for merit retention, and four judges in the District Courts of Appeal.  For a record of their rulings, Restore Justice has prepared a guide, which you may download by visiting their site here. Please read their analysis and then make your own decision as to whether we should retain these judges.  In a Press Release: The Republican Party of Florida board voted to oppose the retention of these Florida Supreme Court Justices.

In an election year where every vote is crucial, and the fraud stories continue to be reported every day, Scientific American reports that Votes By Mail Are Less Likely To Be Reported .  The numbers cited in this report are staggering, especially when you recall the 2000 election and the “hanging chads” in Florida.

Finally, the 2012 ballot is three pages, six sides in total.  It would be beneficial to mark up the sample ballot you should have received from your Supervisor of Elections to take with you when you vote.  In addition, if you requested an absentee ballot and do not send it back in time, you must bring it to your precinct, preferably unopened, and surrender it to the poll worker.  They will be able to replace it with a regular ballot and permit you to cast your vote immediately.

I urge you if at all possible to physically go to your early voting site or your precinct on November 6th, 2012.  If you need assistance or transportation information contact your Supervisor of Elections.

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