The Future Children Project

This is another disgusting ad for President Obama!

Using our children in this way is truly obscene in my opinion.  Understand that our schools are indoctrinating our children to hate us and blame us for all of the ills of the world. If you wonder why they have an “attitude” it is an honest reaction to being brainwashed day after day about the evils of capitalism and America and indoctrinating them to believe that we must repay our sins through social, environmental and economic justice. This is how communism takes hold in a country.  You start with the educational system and indoctrinate the children to turn against their parents and towards their teachers and ultimately…their dear leaders!

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One Comment on “The Future Children Project”

  1. A Child of the Future Says:

    I am one of the children in the video. We were not tricked or bribed into filming, nor did we have the task forced upon us by adults. I participated willingly when I got an invitation and was fully aware of what I was doing. It was a wonderful experience with witty lyrics and a powerful message to the world. So please don’t assume we were used or manipulated, and please stop with all the “child abuse” comments.

    Also, we are in no ways affiliated with or supported by any school, organization, or the Obama campaign itself. We all freely contributed our time and effort to making this video and did so of our own free wills.

    Ultimately, I was more than happy to make a mark in the political world because now I know I can make a difference in it, even without the ability to vote.


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