Expect Energy Prices and the Price of Food to “Necessarily Skyrocket”

The New York Times today reported on the closing of a coal plant in Virginia.  In his article, Eric Lipton writes “Coal took another serious hit Wednesday — in the heart of coal country. American Electric Power, or A.E.P., the nation’s biggest consumer of coal, announced that it would shut its coal-burning boilers at the Big Sandy electric power plant near Louisa, Ky., a 1,100-megawatt facility that since the early 1960s has been burning coal that was mined locally.

Big Sandy this year became a symbol of the plight of the coal industry nationwide. Strict new environmental regulations are forcing large utilities to spend billions of dollars to retrofit old coal-burning plants or shut them down, replacing them in most cases with equipment that uses cleaner-burning natural gas.”  For complete article click here.

Electricity Prices To Rise Due To Renewable Energy InvestmentsWe will continue to see power plants shutting down, and our rates will “necessarily skyrocket” as President Obama had promised all of America before the 2008 election. Our energy use will be cut back forcefully eventually and brown outs will be widespread throughout the country.  And as the article says, many jobs will be lost.  This president is ruining our country, turning it inside out for his vision of a socialist utopia…once he has completed the transfer of wealth from the middle class to other countries through social, economic and environmental justice.  Nice, huh?  Also expect food prices to “necessarily skyrocket”, since the cost of fuel and energy to farm and process will continue to increase.

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