Demand A Plan! But Do Not Demand More Gun Control

December 31, 2012

Politics/National Debt

This month we watched evil personified at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where a young man (single- handedly?) rounded up twenty six- and seven- year old children and shot and killed each one of them, along with six adults at the school.  Our elected officials immediately began to demand we need to pass legislation to stop this horror we have seen repeated so often in the last decade or so… Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Aurora Movie Theater.  Some sick individual gets a gun and chooses to take out a lot of innocent people to get a little recognition before leaving this mortal coil.  We find that there were always signs, some “issue” with the individual.  This is not about the guns, it is about the individual who chooses to commit the act.

We must understand that the government will use this, and has already started to attempt to force more useless gun control legislation on the law-abiding American public.  No matter what they say, the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for a reason, and that reason was to prevent the federal government from becoming too powerful over the people.  It was to keep the people free from a tyrannical government.  Throughout history, gun registration laws and gun control have ultimately led to tyranny, fascism, and the murder of tens of millions of people.  Stephen P. Halbrook provides excellent research on why the American people must resist the registration and confiscation of firearms of law-abiding Americans in his article Registration: The Nazi Paradigm.

Yes, when the founders wrote the Constitution the weaponry they used were muskets, and we hear it argued that they never would have imagined the high power, high-capacity rifles and firearms we have today.  Some say we should only be allowed to keep muskets.  In his article on Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog, Citizen Scribe writes:

“What’s a common meme among the disarm-the-citizenry crowd? How about that old chestnut, “the Second Amendment only protects muskets, since the founders couldn’t have anticipated modern weaponry.”

Seriously?  You’re telling me that science and technology makes our rights obsolete?  Is that why you have to get a permit to buy a television or radio?  Modern rotary presses are all federally licensed?  You can only buy a car after passing an FBI background check? And those modern building materials in your house; that’s why government agents can just walk in any time they please?

Muskets? Really?”

For the complete article, On Modern Musketry, which is well worth taking the time to read, click here.

As you hear the arguments of our officials, understand that gun control is not the problem.  Statistically, gun free zones have emboldened criminals and sick individuals to commit their violent acts, knowing that they will meet no resistance from their innocent, unarmed victims.  Those cities with the highest gun violence and crime rates are those with the strictest gun control laws.  The data is irrefutable, the argument for more gun control weak and unsubstantiated.

And then we have the celebrities who do these idiotic public service announcements,  tools (in every sense of the word) of the government.  They decry gun violence, while earning their living making the most violent, graphic movies they can.  How many have full-time armed security to protect them wherever they go?  In the video below, you see what hypocrites they truly are.

Be smart. Demand better mental health care. Demand harsher penalties for those who commit gun crimes. But do not demand more gun control!

The language and scenes in this video are a little rough, so just warning you.

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