God Created Transit?

In case you missed the subtle social engineering going on in our media today, below is the NextCity.org Super Bowl Commercial “God Created Transit”.  A little boy tells his father, “I don’t ever want to need a car to live my life, dad. Thank God there’s transit.”

So now it is okay to express a faith in God?

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One Comment on “God Created Transit?”

  1. roberta4949 Says:

    no thank you i will keep my car thank you very much, God looked down on the earth and said, why are my people so unhappy? I want my people to make a decent living without working so hard and long, I want them to have time to travel and visit interesting places and spend lots of time with their children playing and seeing interesting crittors and scenery and meditating on all the wonders of creation I gave man so I will create a just world where no one is robbed of their fruits of their labor where my stewards (gov) will look over the goings on to protect from fraud and conspiracy where my people work at activities that bring ultimate satisfaction and benefit to all concerned, where animals and man are at peace with no more wars, where the strong do not dominate the weak, whre each man takes care of his own affairs, and charity is uneeded, and diseases are gone,i will make their food very nutrtious and easy to grow, with no need for chemicals, and each man will choose what he will do with his life. I will give him wings to fly and rivers of creativity to flow, my people will create many and varied things that reflect my creative powers. vehicles for travel, conveniences to enjoy life without worry of shortages and artificially produced troubles. I know I will create paradise a place of pleasure where no one wants to ever leave. houses of every conceivable style and structures that last for generations, scenery that would take man’s breath away, I will make life a gloirious affair where no one will ever cry saying life is unfair.


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