President Obama and his Sequester Scare Speech

February 19, 2013

Politics/National Debt

I watched President Obama speaking this morning about the sequester box he painted himself into…his new FEMA Corp thugs standing behind him.  Sorry, I meant  “first responders.”  Now he is threatening job losses and draconian cuts.  People, our entire economy is an illusion.  He continues to say he has proposed compromising measures, but he IS LYING!  There is no balanced approach on the table.  No one in the senate will approve anything he has proposed!  The Senate has not passed a budget for four years!  This is their Constitutional duty which they have sworn to uphold, yet here we are.  No one is saying a word about passing a budget.  The President did not even mention it in his State of the Union address.  Wake up!   He also spoke..again… about raising taxes on wealthy Americans, who are not paying their fair share!  Please stop it Mr. President, this class division rhetoric is getting tiresome and is not working.  We know the top 1 percent pay over 37 percent of all taxes, and that 47% pay no federal income tax at all!  And of course, teacher and firefighter jobs are at stake, which is curious since the federal government does not pay these professionals.  Eliminate the EPA, DOE, DOEd, USDA, FDA, and all other massively burdensome regulation producing bureaucracies.  They are stifling our economic growth and we do not need them!  Let the cuts happen, I say!  Let everyone know how fragile this economy truly is and maybe they will get mad enough to get rid of these corrupt, wasteful, tax stealing politicians sitting in their cushy offices in D.C.

Do you believe President Obama is purposely intent on destroying America, the most powerful nation in the history of the world?  Many of us have come to this conclusion.  It is not ignorance, it is not stupidity.  The middle class is being destroyed by deliberate sabotage.  Watch this video from PJTV.  It will open your eyes…  I hope!  Every intelligent person knows what’s going to happen here.

“I am operating under the assumption that the people running the United States are determined to destroy the United States as we know it, and they are succeeding!”


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