Madison City Schools Roll Out Common Core College and Career Ready Standards

February 26, 2013


The federal government’s Common Core standards are being implemented in many states.  The video below is a prime example of the propaganda being put out to get parents, teachers, and students excited about this new way of teaching our children.  Towards the end of the video, the woman says some very interesting things, which when looked at in print instead of just hearing the presentation, should be very alarming to any parent, grandparent, teacher or concerned citizen.

“You have to change what the teachers are doing with instruction.  So with the instruction you really have to change the type of assignments you are doing, you have to change the way you question the students, but in addition to that you also have to change the assessments.  You  can’t ask knowledge recall questions on your assessment when you’re trying to teach a student something to application level.  So you really have to think about that problem-based learning so that the students are applying the content.   So when we are rolling out Common Core, we’re not just rolling out those standards, we are rolling out a change in education for a new level of teaching and learning…

We are taking it to a different level…  In a nutshell, we recognize this is not just another course of study, it really is something different and we have to change teaching and learning in Alabama. … We’ve told them, the people on our math and English language arts leadership teams, if you are not passionate about this, and if you don’t see how this is going to change education in Alabama, then let us know and we are going to find somebody else to be on our team because we need people in our schools that are passionate about this and that understand how this can make such a difference in the lives of our students.”

It is apparent they are telling their teachers to get on board, or get out!

We do not need a new way to teach our children, we need to go back to the basic education of the 1950s and 1960s, before the progressives infiltrated all levels of our educational system, from kindergarten through college.  If we want to take back the education of our children, we have to act.  We have to insist, at the local and state levels, that they do not implement Common Core in our schools.

The legislature in Alabama is voting on a bill to stop Common Core on Wednesday (tomorrow 2/27/2013)

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2 Comments on “Madison City Schools Roll Out Common Core College and Career Ready Standards”

  1. Mrs. Red Square Says:

    What do we do if Common Core is already being implemented? I run a GED center in Florida. The new GED 2014 is all Common Core.


  2. Tom Balek - Rockin' On the Right Side Says:

    In Montana Common Core was implemented by the state Superintendent of Public Instruction – without involvement or input from parents, teachers, school board trustees, legislators, or anyone else. The train left the station unannounced and Common Core is being rammed down the throats of every school in the state. It is a travesty.


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