Two Moms Against Common Core

March 2, 2013

Agenda 21, Education

Great video about Common Core and how the states are being forced to change their curriculum, state laws, and have to agree to loss of privacy for their students. Parents must understand what Common Core is all about, and fight to keep it out of their public schools or take their children out of the public schools.

Common Core teaches the ideology of communitarianism.  This is communism with a new name. For an excellent overview of Communitarianism in Education, click here.

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14 Comments on “Two Moms Against Common Core”

  1. Language Arts Teacher Says:

    Hey, I teach 7th Grade Language Arts. We’re about to do the switch next year. I’ve been reviewing AZ State Standards to Common Core to find similarities as well as major differences. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think it will be that big of a leap to switch to Common Core next year. I could be wrong. I do have some concerns, but aligning my lesson plans to common core isn’t a major concern that I have. I can see why others have concerns though. I think the main concern is the state standards are a lot more detailed/specific. I think it’s something that will take some getting used to, but it will be something I will have to adjust to. Teaching is all about making adjustments. (Curriculum Maps) (Lesson Plans)


    • laura997 Says:

      Did you see my earlier article from Madison City Schools on the Common Core standards, and the video the school board put out to promote it?


      • Language Arts Teacher Says:

        Nope, this is my first visit to this blog. Okay just went to check it out. Aside from the accents (lol), what’s wrong with it? We are going to have our training on common core in mid to late March to give us the ins and outs. Overall, I think it’s main purpose is to start competing on a global level once again. I won’t pretend to be an expert, but I do know China is kicking our butt statistically speaking. I still think people are looking for a silver bullet, figuratively speaking, to save education. We shall see if this improves #’s

      • laura997 Says:

        I appreciate the visit. How did you find me? I have been writing about the dumbing down of our schools for a couple of years. It is really a shame. They are not trying to make us competitive, they are making our children worker bees with no minds of their own. They are creating deliberate doubt in their minds and confusing them with moral relativity. It is truly scary. I see what my grandkids are learning and I have to tell my daughter to watch their assignments. They are taking the parents out of the curriculum and want to take control of our kids. This is what they did in Nazi Germany, I know I have spoken with people who grew up during that time. It is the same method, as is the IB programme. Theory of Knowledge, have you heard of that?

    • Greg Helfer Says:

      If Common Core does not arouse you, then this will. The Tavistock Institute in London, UK, is responsible for coordinating mainstream media messaging in order to push the communitarian political agenda. Communitarianism is soft communism, and was originally coined by the United Nations.

      The two financial arms of the UN are the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The World Bank was created by two communists, Keynes and White. Getting the picture here? The IMF is responsible for getting countries into debt so that they sell off their public utilities and infrastructure to private corporate entitities, such as central banks.

      The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basal, Swizterland, coordinates the activities of 58 of the most prominent privately owned central banks in the world. The BIS is the world’s most powerful corporation and it answers to no government, as it is a government. It controls the world economy.

      The central bankers behind the BIS are pro-communitarian because soft communism ensures they can never lose their power. There is little or no representation of the people’s rights in a communitarian government.

      Common core is essentially teaching communitarianism to our children.


  2. Language Arts Teacher Says:

    I was just browsing through the posts about education and your post popped up. I think we have to be careful when we compare this here great country with what horrible things happened in Germany. Teachers and parents is supposed to be a team effort. One can’t depend on teachers to do it all. I can’t speak for all teachers, and I can only speak for myself. I prepare kids for their next step in life, academically as well as socially. It’s my hope that they will develope into critical thinkers as well. School is and should be a place where kids develop academically and socially. That being said, parents need to be actively involved in that process.


    • Language Arts Teacher Says:

      Errr, meant to say “Teachers and parents are supposed to be a team effort.” 😉


      • laura997 Says:

        I do not do this lightly and without much research, when I compare the developments in our education system. I am in college right now, having gone back after 35 years. I am completely shocked at what and how they are teaching at the college level. I am also very disturbed at the hope-lessness of children today. They have been told that human beings are responsible for the destruction of this planet and the world would be better off if they did not exist. How can this be good for the future of America? There is no longer a pride in our country, or even basic knowledge of basic natural truths. Everything is being confused for them and they think that they can never truly know what truth is. It is abuse, pure and simple, the way I see it, and I do not use that term lightly either. When you see so many kids piercing themselves, tattoos to the extreme, sexual promiscuity and assault, intentional damage of property, over 50% smoking and who know how many are using drugs. This is a cry of pain and suffering.

  3. DanMan Says:

    Laura I have a good friend with a son that is a junior in one of our better rated public schools (Bellaire HS in Houston). He comes over quite often and I get a chance to hear what the kids are up to these days. He never hesitates to spout the things he “learns” and one of the biggest issues he opines on is the environment. If we are barbequeing or enjoying the fire pit it all about global warming and there’s always a way to bring in everything he’s been taught about man destroying the earth, killing trees, polluting the air, etc..

    So I showed him an aerial picture of my neighborhood in 1956 (the year my house was built) and another one from 2012. 1956 is bare coastal prairie with a few conscript roads and 2012 is a lush urban forest with houses hidden beneath them as far as the eye can see. He was stunned and became a bit angry at his teachers for drilling into him that development always brings destruction.

    I have another acquaintance that teaches at the middle school level. He doesn’t think people should be allowed more than enough land to have a house and yard on. He is from Ohio and rails against all the “unused” open land he sees in Texas and thinks everybody should have free access to all that open space.

    My kids went through Bellaire but I doubt I would allow them to do so these days.


    • laura997 Says:

      It is truly alarming that the progressives have been able to infiltrate and indoctrinate our kids. We were busy making our lives and expecting that our kids were getting the same good education that we received that we did not notice the changes. The changes were very subtle at first, but now it has become so obvious that no one can deny it is happening. If you try to talk to kids today who have been raised in this environment where they espouse “critical thinking” and a “rigorous” curriculum, they have no certainty of ANYTHING! I hope you read my article about what I am seeing since I returned to college. If not, please do, because people need to understand that why these kids are acting out the way they are is because they have been so indoctrinated. Take away certainty and you take away hope…


      • William Janowski Says:

        First off I want to say thank you to Laura997, for standing up and fighting against common core. The more I learn about this form of brainwash the more I want to home school my kids. I agree with what you are doing and I want to join the fight against this. Please don’t get discouraged. I live in Ohio and am having a hard time finding people to stand with, but even if I’m alone I will stand and fight. Thank you again for standing up for what you believe in, and for loving your country enough to educate yourself and practice your constitutional rights. I fear that we, as Americans, will not have a constitution if common core is taught in our schools. May God bless you and keep you safe.


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