Global Climate Status Report from the Space and Science Research Corporation

March 9, 2013


New Information from the Space and Science Research Corporation

John Casey of the SSRC has been doing extensive research for years on climate change.  His research concludes that the earth is entering a prolonged cooling phase, based on analysis of the activity of the sun.  If his conclusions are correct, then preparing for massive shortages of food are in our future.

Below is his release and a link to his site for more information:

“You are cordially invited to read the just published Global Climate Status Report (GCSR) created by the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC). The availability of this complete report was noted in a recent Press Release by the SSRC on February 18, 2013, titled” Global Climate Status Report Warns of Rapidly Approaching Cold Climate.”

This new climate status report is the synthesis of data and research from a large number of scientists and research papers, major governmental science agencies in the US and from other countries, as well as research by the SSRC.

This important climate publication represents a comprehensive analysis of twenty four different global climate parameters using the latest scientific research and data, providing a Summary Climate Assessment for the Earth along with a Future Climate Change Prediction. Depicted in twenty seven charts of data, the report provides substantial detail for those who want a single source and reference on the status and future of the Earth’s climate.

The full 52 page GCSR is available for purchase and download from the “Publications” page at the SSRC web site linked here.  The already published Executive Summary to the GCSR at 15 pages, is available at no cost and can also be downloaded from the same page.

Of the twenty four parameters measured by the SSRC, twenty two of them indicate the likelihood of significant global cooling as a long term trend, is either in place now or about to start.

The GCSR concludes that the extent and depth of the coming cold climate is expected to cause massive global crop failure, associated social upheaval, and potentially historic loss of life.”

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