#StopCommonCore Twitter Rally

April 15, 2013


Common Core = Big Education

Concerned parents and educators are coming together to speak out against the Common Core program being introduced into our schools across the nation.  They are being mobilized on Face Book, with Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards having compiled a list of groups across the country, representing 44 states.  Many states have more than one group fighting the Common Core agenda.

According to a press release:

On Tuesday, April 16, Parent-Led Reform (@ParentLedReform) will host, in partnership with Truth in American Education (@TruthinAmEd), a #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally from 12:00pm-2:00pm (EST). They will be joined by more than 100 groups and individuals for this first-time event. Parents, teachers and grassroots activists are concerned about the nationalization of education standards, data collecting, and subpar education expectations thrusted upon our children by education bureaucrats and special interest groups through the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

The #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally will feature a panel of experts:

  • Emmett McGroarty the executive director of the Preserve Innocence Imitative with American Principles Project (will use the @approject twitter handle)
  • Joy Pullmann (@joypullmann) – Research Fellow with the Heartland Institute and Editor of School Reform News.
  • Ben DeGrow (@ediswatching) education policy analyst at The Independence Institute
  • James Shuls (@shulsie) an education policy analyst at the Show-Me Institute
  • Shane Vander Hart (@shanevanderhart) editor-in-chief of CaffeinatedThoughts.com; Advocate, blogger & social media manager for Truth In American Education. (Will use @TruthinAmEd)

Truth In American Education’s spokesperson, Shane Vander Hart, said, As taxpayers, parents and concerned citizens, we believe that proper respect for the American people requires that major educational changes be subject to an open and public discussion prior to approval and implementation, not the other way around.  So we are taking to Twitter to express our concern about the Common Core State Standards.”

This federal education program is being forced on the states with $350 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (a/k/a Stimulus Bill).  Neither parents nor educators have been involved in the development of the Common Core Curriculum. In addition, the data mining for information on our children and their lives at home is a very real part of this program.  For example, the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress was administered to fourth graders this year.  Although the assessment states that it is voluntary, parents were not advised that it was being given.  Their children’s teachers were not involved in administering these tests.  Outside facilitators came in to supervise and administer them.  The results are not provided to the states or the local schools and have no bearing on the child’s grades.  For a link to this assessment test, click here.  It is important to examine the questions being asked of your 10 year old beginning on page 18 of the test.  Are the children being told that this test is voluntary?  Do they believe these personal questions are part of the test?  Why are parents not being told that their child is going to be given this test?

Our children are not to be used for a government funded social and psycho-social experiment. Common Core embraces Communitarianism.  It will teach our children that they have no value as individuals but only for what they contribute to the “collective.”  This is not education, this is indoctrination.  This ideology has been subtly introduced in our education system for quite some time now, and parents are finally waking up to its destructive indoctrination.  To learn more about the philosophy of Communitarianism, click here.

We saw the video promotion on MSNBC this past week with Melissa Harris-Perry saying that kids do not belong to their parents; they belong to the whole community.

We saw the Exxon commercial played during the Masters Tournament lauding the Common Core curriculum. Why would an oil company be interested in our children’s education? Perhaps a quid pro quo for the administration to release some oil leases?

We have been spending more and more money year after year.  Our children’s grades continue to drop and the number of children not graduating high school is increasing.  Our schools have been graduating illiterate young adults, as I have written about many times before.  The Department of Education should be abolished and the responsibility for educating our children returned to the states and local governments.

But above all, it is time for all parents to understand that their children are their responsibility, and not the greater “global community.”

American parents have woken up to the scam of Big Education.

To watch PJTVs video: MSNBC Fascists Want Your Kids, click here.




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