Take Back Your Power

May 5, 2013


Be aware of the roll out of Smart Meters in your area: city, county, and state.  The government has allowed utilities to put them on your homes without your knowledge or permission.  They are explaining to people that they can read the meters without coming on to your property.  They are also selling this as a way for you to see when you are using energy the most and that you can cut down on your bill by using energy at off peak times.  You will save during these off peak times, but you will pay more if you use more energy during peak times. But this really is not the point.  They will be able to “watch” when you are home, when you are using which appliances, air conditioning, heating.  They can also shut your power off without your consent any time they wish or determine it to be necessary.  They also do not explain to people the effect on human health from exposure to the electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields emitted from these meters.  People who have high sensitivity to these frequency transmissions are already experiencing adverse effects.  When these meters are on every home in your neighborhood, or on every unit in a multi-family apartment or condominium, how many more will suffer the effects?

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine sent a position statement to the State of Florida PSC last year, a copy of which you can see here expressing their concern with the potential health effects of these smart meters.

Here in the United States, these meters have been bought with stimulus money – which means we the taxpayers have funded this, not the utilities – and are being installed on homes throughout the country.  I covered this in Tampa in October 2011 – for a link to that article click here.


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