IRS Harassment of “True the Vote” and Other Government Scandals

May 21, 2013

Politics/National Debt

Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote  appeared on the Mike Huckabee Show this past Saturday.  Her organization was one of the conservative groups targeted by the Internal Revenue Service for investigation when she filed for tax-exempt status for her organization, whose mission is to train poll workers and watchers and expose voter fraud.

The IRS asked Englebrecht to provide every Face Book posting, every Tweet, and wanted to know everywhere she had spoken, what she said, and who she intended to speak to through 2013.  One round of questions from the IRS involved over 1000 pages of response.  She also heard from the FBI, OSHA, BATFE, and other federal agencies as a result of her tax-exempt application.  Extensive unplanned audits followed quickly from these agencies after the IRS received her application, resulting in a total of seventeen interactions with federal agencies!  She had to hire attorneys, accountants, and others to answer a relentless series of harassing questions, costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars and who knows how many hundreds of hours of time?  What citizen or organization can withstand such an expense?  Not receiving a timely approval for tax-exempt status resulted in an incalculable loss of receipts from contributions due to the limbo status of her organization.  Congressional investigation of this IRS scandal resulted in acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller apologizing for poor customer service!  Miller became commissioner this past November and was not in charge of the IRS during the period of time these conservative groups were being harassed and targeted for intimidation.  Apparently he did know about the actions of the IRS however and failed to inform the President or Congress.

The efforts of True the Vote and other voter fraud investigators throughout the country have resulted in prosecutions or convictions of voter fraud in 36 states in 18 months.  Catherine Englebrecht believes “Americans will stand for the side of truth,” and while she acknowledges it has not been fun, perhaps her ordeal has shed light on the ever-expanding power and intrusive nature of the federal government.

With several serious scandals occurring within the federal government:(1) the gun running scheme Fast and Furious, which resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry along with hundreds of Mexican civilians and drug gang members; (2) the terrorist attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans; (3) the Justice Department’s secret subpoena of the phone records of AP reporters and editors, recently revealed to have included other Washington reporters: this IRS scandal appears to be the most egregious to date.  The Internal Revenue Service is supposed to be even-handed and apolitical in its activities in carrying out its duties.  There must be quick and decisive action to ascertain who ordered or encouraged agents to target and intimidate conservative groups by delaying tax-exempt status applications.  These actions were illegal and people must be fired and also criminally charged for their actions.  They must be disqualified from any future employment within the federal government and any pension packages should be completely revoked.  The IRS has the power to ruin the lives of individuals and corporations.  This power must be reined in.  They are not accountable to anyone.  It is time for us to look at a flat tax or fair tax which would strip the IRS of its formidable power.

What is truly incredulous is how these agencies are able to communicate with one another so well when it comes to targeting politically and ideologically conservative groups, while they do not seem to be able to share vital intelligence and other information when it comes to pursuing domestic terror suspects or groups.

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