The war on women’s intelligence

A 10 hour filibuster in Texas last week by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) against an anti-abortion bill that would make it illegal to abort a baby after 20 weeks in the womb brings up some serious questions about the ferocity with which the Democrat party defend a woman’s right to choose.  These people worship at the altar of abortion rights for every woman at any time.  They continue to use the narrative that this is a woman’s health care issue.  Really?  This argument is an insult to women’s intelligence.

What woman WAITS until her baby is viable to abort it?  With all the free contraception out there, no one should be getting pregnant today if they do not want to.  Abortion has become birth control, which should be very disturbing to all of us.  Women should be responsible enough to NOT GET PREGNANT IN THE FIRST PLACE IF THEY DO NOT WANT TO!  This ideology is a war on the intelligence of women, isn’t it?  What they are saying is “poor things can’t help themselves, so the government has to help them” … it is sick and until women understand what being empowered is really about, we will continue to kill 3000 unborn babies a day.

Check out this video! Even Babies Know It’s A Baby!



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