AFTERBURNER w/Bill Whittle: The Lynching

July 20, 2013

Politics/National Debt

The jury had none of the facts revealed by Bill Whittle in this video and still acquitted George Zimmerman.  The Obama administration and the Department of Justice, along with the usual race baiters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are encouraging protests in one hundred cities today.  The media has revealed nothing to the general public about the facts of this case except for the color of Trayvon Martin’s skin.  Why is that?

Meanwhile, in March two black teenagers, seventeen and fourteen, shot a 13 month old white baby boy in his stroller after his mother was not able to give them the money they demanded.  We should demand Eric Holder pursue a case against these criminals for this hate crime and for violating the civil rights of this baby boy.  Justice is supposed to be color blind.

CNN: Baby Shot Dead in Stroller; 2 Georgia teens charged with murder

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