Why does Weiner get to decide?

July 24, 2013

Politics/National Debt

It has been two years since Anthony Weiner was forced to resign his position as U. S. Congressman from the State of New York after it was revealed he Tweeted lewd pictures of himself to several young women.  I really miss Andrew Breitbart!

In earlier days, a man who exposed himself to others was considered a pervert.  Indecent exposure is a crime and could get one listed on the National Sex Offender Registry.  Is what he did really any different?  He is like the creepy neighbor who waits in the shadows and exposes himself to our children, except now technology permits his exposure to millions of people.

Yesterday, Weiner announced that it has happened (again), he is sorry (again), he will not do it again (again), and he hopes for the people’s continued support in his run for mayor of New York City.  He says this is over.  Is it?  I seriously doubt it.  Weiner’s proclivities will not go away.  It is an illness, and it goes deeper than indecent exposure.  His behavior belies a serious lack of personal restraint, moral judgment, and an ability to lie repeatedly and deceive his wife and others without remorse.

Politicians and pundits in both parties refuse to publicly challenge anyone who displays serious lack of judgment or moral integrity, because it might force them to examine their own agendas. Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, Eliot Spitzer…these men are all cut from the same amoral cloth.  They are narcissists and cannot be trusted.

Why are the voters complacent and allowing Weiner to decide?  Why are they not demanding he step down and open the door for someone who will truly represent the interests of the people of New York?   Do they really want this man to be a role model for their children?

We can do better.  We must do better.

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2 Comments on “Why does Weiner get to decide?”

  1. Leatherneck Blogger Says:

    Forget about Anthony Weiner. What is his wife thinking? Is she somehow going to profit politically from this scandal? Has she fallen under the spell of the “Hillary Clinton syndrome” and staying with this pervert for some sort of power exchange? The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous leaders. Where are their morals and virtues?


  2. Brian Maday Says:

    Sometimes I wonder – for just a moment – about all of the freedoms we enjoy as American Citizens. I am truly grateful for every individuals’ ability to express literally ANY THOUGHT we might have – it is true that some of them COULD be illegal, but mainly dealing with “seditious acts” (which is OK with me).


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