Framing the message

Bill Whittle with another excellent presentation.  This one is about framing the conservative message so that young people understand that they really do embrace conservative values and ideas.  Our education has created a nation of collectivists.  They tell our youth that:

  1. Wealth is unearned
  2. Everybody is special – ergo no one is special
  3. Let us help you

So how do we fight back?  What messages do we send?

We have to sell freedom, private property, and virtue – the core conservative values.  All we have to do is challenge them with the following:

  1. Ask them to raise their hand if they are the kind of person who likes to be let alone – this equals freedom
  2. Ask them if they are the kind of person who likes to tell other people what to do
  3. Convince them that private property matters – Ask them to raise their hand if they consider themselves socialist.  What is the primary tenet of socialism? From each according to his ability, to each according to his need – they really are not socialists.  Do a little “redistribution” scenario…
  4. Sell virtue!  Define this as “don’t be a jerk!”  If you are not a jerk we can leave you alone.

It is really very simple.  People want to be free to do what they want, keep what they earn by their own labor, and act in a proper and civilized lawful manner so that they will not be harassed or bothered by anyone.  It is really very simple.

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