A Cluster Problem? Solving math problems in school today

September 21, 2013


Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth: Watching this fifteen minute video will drive you crazy.  (Imagine how your children feel)  Why are we teaching our children so many ways to solve simple math problems?  They need to learn the easiest, quickest, and most reliable basic math skills to use as building blocks for higher level math functions.

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One Comment on “A Cluster Problem? Solving math problems in school today”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    Seems that ‘math tricks’ of various kinds have been ‘invented’ that can be useful when learned and applied properly….. HOWEVER – BASIC 4-function Arithmetic (+.-.X,/) is the BASIS for all of them. I feel that K-12 education should be limited to these basics – OK, advanced placement people can move ahead if they are ‘math wiz’ types.

    COMMON CORE should NEVER include the shortcuts! But Common Core is another subject I will NOT address here.


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