Parents Protest Common Core in New York

November 17, 2013


November 18, 2013 is keep your kids out of school day to protest the federal takeover of our children’s education.  We must fight for our children.  The government believes our children belong to them.   We must remind government of its place.

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One Comment on “Parents Protest Common Core in New York”

  1. Brian Maday Says:

    It appears that the majority of parents (of school-age kids) are blindly trusting their local Boards of Education to “do what’s right”. The real problem is getting these parents to start CARING again about their children.

    Most hear “COMMON CORE” and assume it’s a good way to educate our kids. They don’t look into it, and it becomes accepted. Wait until these kids become (young) adults, and have no life-skills – WHAT THEN?


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