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March 23, 2014

Politics/National Debt

Note to Obama: This is what Resistance and Courage Really Look Like

Hat tip Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of

Excellent article on what is happening in Ukraine and how our government is helping Putin advance his communist agenda.


“Elitists across the globe, but especially on the Left here in the US, sit in their pampered wealth and proclaim that the Ukrainians have no rights – that they belong to Russia. They feel they are above, apart from this mess — that it can never touch them. They should rethink that premise as the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon stalk the planet and mark their territories for future conquest. The Communists are restless and a weakened America must look very, very tempting to them. But of course, Obama knows this. He pretends to punish Russia, while cuddling with Putin, a monster cut from Obama’s own cloth. They court the Chinese and dine together, while oppressing their people and making plans to bring the masses into line for their own collective good. To claim that the US is really doing anything, is a very bad joke.

We are repeating the horrors of yesteryear. The world is intent on making excuses for Russia and their expansionism. They did this when Hitler and Stalin raged as well, slaughtering millions. It’s all intellectual foreplay until it directly affects the elitists. What they always overlook though, is that in the end, justice is a full circle that comes back to deal harshly with those who would so casually throw away the lives of those they subjugate. Payback is a bitch historically.”

For the complete article, click here.

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