Florida Bill SB386 passes Senate Judiciary Committee

April 1, 2014

Islamic Shari'ah

The Senate Judiciary Committee took up SB386 titled “Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases” on March 25, 2014. Florida State Senator Alan Hays, the sponsor of the bill, commented on the bill saying the intent of the bill is to protect the people of Florida against foreign laws if those laws violate their individual rights. Senator Hays stated: “We jealously respect and guard [our] constitutional rights” and this bill puts into statute recognition of those fundamental rights. He asserted: “If a foreign law does not impinge on these constitutional rights then this bill does not address it.” The bill would assure that the decisions of the courts would be based on the rights of individuals established in the Florida and U. S. Constitution and not on any foreign laws if those laws do not recognize, or if they violate, these rights.

The video of the meeting can be accessed here, with the discussion and public comment starting at around 95:15.

Two people spoke in opposition to the bill. Mark Flynn, representing Emerge-USA.org, spoke against the bill. He began by complaining about the time constraints for public commentary on such a controversial bill. After Flynn’s public comment Senator Lee explained they blocked the time based on the fact that there were very few public comment cards. Those supporting the bill were not given the opportunity to comment at all. Flynn gave a brief background of Emerge-USA and then spoke of the growing animosity, hostility and “treatment of brown people.” He said that Islamophobia became a national past time after the events of 9/11 and we should remember that “American Muslims also died that day.” This was interesting commentary in an era of political correctness where no one dare say anything which could be construed as racist or bigoted. The bill does not refer to any specific foreign or religious laws but he, and we must assume the organization he represents, seem to believe this bill to be anti-Muslim.

According to its website: “Emerge USA is a national, non-partisan organization, that aspires to engage underrepresented communities into the political process with a focus on the Muslim, Arab and South Asian American (MASA) communities. Our goal is to ensure that these communities have the same constitutional rights, social privileges, and political opportunities afforded to all Americans.” This appears to be another organization promoting young Muslims to get involved in American politics, much like United Voices for America, which hosts an annual Florida Muslim Capitol Day in Tallahassee. What these organizations are doing is known as civilization jihad.

The vote was called and the bill passed 6 to 3 along party lines; all Republicans voting in favor of the bill while all Democrats on the committee voting against. It is now in the Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability.

A brief video explaining the process of infiltration and civilization jihad can be viewed below:

For in depth information on civilization jihad, Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy has a great series of videos exposing The Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Applying foreign law in a case in Florida has not yet occurred, but one has to wonder why there is such outcry and opposition from the Muslim community to a bill which only seeks to assure the people of Florida that their fundamental rights will be protected under Florida law and the U. S. Constitution.

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