Obama’s Immigration Policy Creates Staggering Increase in Child Smuggling

May 30, 2014

Politics/National Debt

An article from The Foundry describes “The Smallest Victims of Obama’s Immigration Policy”, where a staggering number of unaccompanied children are being smuggled across the border into America. In 2011 6560 children were recorded coming into the country illegally and without a parent or adult. This year an estimated 60,000 children will cross the border in an explosion of human trafficking, which is a direct result of President Obama’s push for comprehensive immigration reform. Just the mere hint of amnesty for illegal immigrants already living in the shadows within our borders created this climate where parents and grandparents hire coyotes, or human traffickers, to smuggle these children into the country. According to our laws, once a child enters the country our government must assume custody of these children until they can be placed with sponsors.

In the past, those who wished to immigrate to America were required to have a sponsor living here who would agree to support them until they were able to find work and become a productive member of society. People waited years for the opportunity to come to America to experience the freedoms we all enjoy; the right to self-determination, life, and liberty.

The illegal immigrants crossing our borders today are not coming for freedom and liberty. They are leaving socialist countries where government entitlements keep them in poverty. They know in America entitlements permit them to live a much better lifestyle; housing with electricity and plumbing, free healthcare and education, free food… who wouldn’t want to come to America today?

As more of these immigrants come across our borders more of our tax money goes to support them. This cannot continue. Passing comprehensive immigration reform is vital to President Obama’s fundamental transformation of America. We must insist our government enforce existing immigration laws and seal our borders. Republicans must not entertain any discussion of immigration reform or amnesty, or our hope of restoring our constitutional republic will be gone forever.

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