From Trevor Loudon: Understanding the greater threat

September 13, 2014


As we see American journalists being beheaded on video by Islamic extremists; as we hear the horrors of Muslims and non-Muslims alike tortured, raped, sold off as slaves or brides, and murdered in the most unimaginable ways; is this all a distraction keeping us from focusing on the greater threat to the freedom of all mankind? Trevor Loudon discusses the Russian threat and their ties to and support for radical Islam.  He explains the vital piece in expanding the Russian empire is Ukraine.  If Russia conquers Ukraine, Europe will quickly fall.

Please listen to this interview and discussion and share with friends and family members.  I challenge Libertarians to listen with an open mind to how you are being played by the very progressives you say you oppose.  This is no longer a chess game, where one piece moves at a time.  There are many pieces moving at once in an effort to distract, divert, and overwhelm.

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    Thanks for pposting this


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