Marco Rubio Is No Conservative

April 13, 2015


Today Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential race.  He joins former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul in the list of potential Republican nominees running for the office.

In 2010 Rubio courted tea party conservatives in Florida, who volunteered and worked tirelessly to get him elected to the Senate.  He said the right things and convinced us he was the real deal, a true conservative.  Once elected, however, he quickly immersed himself in the GOP establishment and has proven to be a big government progressive.  His work with the Gang of 8 in support of comprehensive immigration reform, a/k/a amnesty, without first focusing on sealing the borders, pretty much sealed it for us.

Recently, Marco Rubio made an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  The once favored “crown prince” of the Tea Party movement was making the rounds feeling out his chances in his bid for president in 2016 and promoting his book, American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone.

On the show, he proposed that the Earned Income Tax Credit should be expanded.  Currently this is a government subsidy awarding thousands of dollars to families if they qualify when filing their yearly income tax returns.  Senator Rubio suggested it should be a wage enhancement for those who earn under a certain amount of money, whether they have families or are single, and that it should be included in every paycheck.  This sounds more like a corporate bailout and a way to make people comfortable in their current economic status.  Corporations like happy drones and Senator Rubio seems to have found the answer through government largesse.

When questioned by Jon Stewart, Senator Rubio asserted what he proposed does not go against the conservative beliefs of the tea party.  He said he was taking limited government and free enterprise and moving it into the 21st century to answer the challenges of the 21st century.

We know the 21st century presents serious economic challenges, but conservatives also know bigger government and wealth redistribution is not the answer, unless the question is socialism.

To his proposals, Jon Stewart told Senator Rubio “In your heart you’re a Democrat”

The Stewart interview went on for three segments.  Senator Rubio is youthful, attractive and affable and could easily win those young voters who consider themselves conservative.  Rubio is not a conservative, as watching his interview will reveal. For the link to The Daily Show interview, click here.  You will need to follow the links to the additional segments.

For true conservatives, Senator Marco Rubio should not be considered as the Republican presidential nominee in 2016.

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