The Forum Is Up: Has The Relationship Between Men And Women Changed For The Worse?

January 19, 2016


Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Has The Relationship Between Men And Women Changed For The Worse?

 The Razor : Feminism once meant equality between the sexes. It has long since devolved into man-hatred, with women portraying men as sexual predators incapable of reaching maturity with psychopathic tendencies. In the process they have recreated a neo-Victorian sexual paradigm where women are too weak and feeble and must be protected from men, their ideas and thoughts as well as their sexuality. I half expect feminist college professors to faint at the next microaggression. Thirty years ago I thought college age women were neurotic. Today I think they are absolutely insane.

Being the gatekeepers of sexuality has traditionally elevated women’s worth, forcing men of that age to put up with a lot of hassle. Fortunately today there are more distractions that compete for men’s attention, putting a limit to the amount of trouble they are willing to put up with in order to have sex. To put it bluntly, women are in danger of pricing themselves out of the market.

I once thought that because of the innate inequality of sexual desire shared between the sexes that men would always be dependent on women. But thanks to technology I see men growing independent from women to a degree that I once didn’t believe possible. And I’m also seeing women react in surprising ways to this change in the balance of power between the two sexes.

In all likelihood the spasms of feminist dystopia we are witnessing on today’s campuses and among the liberal elites will settle down and the he-ing and she-ing that has characterized our species since its inception will continue unabated. But if it doesn’t, women will stand to suffer more than they expect as men decide their crazy, self-contradicting controlling desires are simply not worth the trouble. Bring on the replicants!

The Independent Sentinel : Since the sixties, I’ve watched the man-hating feminists demean men. I won’t negate the fact that they have helped raise the status of women, but they’ve also elevated them to the point that they are encouraged to kill their babies at any time up to the moment of birth because it’s their bodies. In the process of boosting women, they’ve used the tactic of belittling men and attacking them as aggressors to win their points.

The left today includes both men and women putting men down. Women are seen beating up the bad guys while men are too often portrayed as weak or looking like Pajama Boy or walking around with orange hair and crashing into cars in Foster Child commercials. Aggressive sports are on the ropes and football players are portrayed as more violent than the other men though research proves it’s not true.

Older men and women appear to have great relationships in this country but I don’t know what the situation is going to be for the new generation. I will say, however, that women need to get ahead on their own merits, not because of preferential treatment, lies about their abilities, and degradation of men.

The Glittering Eye: I don’t find the Forum format conducive to long-form, citation-filled responses. Maybe I’ll write a post on this subject. I’ll just jot down a few quick thoughts.

I’m an empirical kind of guy and, if there’s empirical evidence that men and women are happier and better off, that their relationships are happier, longer, and more satisfied, and that children are being reared in more loving and secure environments than was the case 50 years ago, I have yet to see it. Over that period marriage rates have waned, divorce rates have risen, and the proportion of children being reared in homes with both of their biological parents has fallen to levels unparalleled in American history if not in human history as well.

Increasingly, men are becoming dispensable. A relative handful of elite women may wield more power and influence and reap more wealth than ever before but by far the greater number of women are being left to rear children alone.

You can change the laws. You can change the expectations. You can’t change millions of years of human physical and social evolution in a few years or even in a few generations. Is it any wonder that suicide rates have risen?

Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : We know it to be true that for a society to survive we must first start with a secure family unit consisting of a father and a mother raising their children together; providing for them and teaching them morals and values and how to be productive members of society.

I really feel sorry for the youth today growing up exposed to progressive indoctrination especially when it comes to the male/female relationship. While the majority of children in the past grew up secure in their sexual identities, today the emphasis is on the aberrant among them. Our children are being taught at a very early age that there are all types of sexual preferences and all of them are acceptable. They encourage self-exploration at very early ages. It’s almost as if the majority of people, the heterosexuals, should NOT be the preferable choice. All this is doing is causing the lines to be blurred and creating uncertainty in our children. Like so much of the progressive agenda, uncertainty is the key to indoctrination and the younger the child the easier it is to shape and mold their morals and values.

Relationships today must be very difficult for young adults, given all of the information they are being fed from their progressive teachers and the media. However, I believe most of them will follow the traditional route and find a mate and settle down and raise their families. After all, we are hard wired to do so. Indoctrination will never be able to change human physiology.

JoshuaPundit : Ah, the prog fascist model! Remember ‘Julia,’ the character in that famous Obama ad? Something that immediately struck me and that I haven’t heard mentioned anywhere else was that there is another famous  ‘Julia’ who was used as a model  for cradle to grave government control of a woman’s life. She appears in Orwell’s 1984 and like her lover, Winston Smith is crushed by the State and condemned to live a loveless, lonely life afterwards.

Many women in America used to meet their spouses at school or at work. Today, most sane young men wouldn’t dream of asking anyone they work with or go to school with out on a date. All it takes is a malicious accusation of ‘sexual assault’ and they face expulsion or being fired. The risks are simply too high.

 A lot of the young women who revel in this ‘victory’ will end up a lot like Julia in their mid to late thirties..unloved, miserable, childless and wondering where all the good men have gone to.

Lots of men are rethinking things too. After being demonized from that first day in kindergarten by the very society they helped to build and make a much more safe and  pleasant place for women, an increasing number of them are choosing to avoid marriage and hold on to their adolescence as long as possible. Or they’re looking for wives elsewhere. As one of them put it, your children and 2/3 of your earnings is too high a price  to pay for the privilege of seeing the average American girl naked.

Some bright spots – while the current laws and the culture being pushed today is designed to eliminate till-death-do-us-part marriage entirely, it persists stubbornly the among more traditional cultures in America, especially where religion is a factor. And those families are the ones having most of the children in America today. And there is also this. When times get hard, people tend to flush the sophistries of the Left and return to the traditions  of the past. Marriage rates shot up during Great Depression.

  Well, there you have it.

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