TRUMP — Bill Whittle via PJ Media

January 28, 2016


Excellent commentary regarding Trump lovers and Trump haters.

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One Comment on “TRUMP — Bill Whittle via PJ Media”

  1. Jennifer Billis-Gehrke Says:

    Although I understand and appreciate your concern and even agree with much of what she said I do not agree that this is the time to just all respect each other’s opinions I’ll try to get a long at the expense of the future of our nation. this is the time to stand for the truth and fight for the soul of our nation.
    I don’t think that it is stupid or arrogant to try to persuade people that I know to vote for the best person or warn them about concerns that I have or inform them about issues of character that I see in people who I perceived to be a threat to my country. I think it’s my duty as an American citizen. the reason we have freedom in this country is because people have fought for it why is any less expected of me? I believe that Donald Trump has been perpetuating a long con on this country through his entire campaign. I think that he is not truly a Republican much less a conservative. I have been told for many campaigns through many elections to sit down and be quiet and just swallow whatever the moderate establishment mamby pamby media wants to shut down my throat and America’s throat. I’m done with that! The gloves are off and I am fighting for my country. but having said that, the bonds of my affection for anyone I know are not threatened by weather or not they support Donald Trump. I may be disappointed but I’m not walking away from anyone I love over this. I just simply cannot imagine 4-8. years of Donald addition I’m really hoping for a president to come on the scene who has the ability to unite this country instead of another eight years of divisiveness, another eight years of fomenting anger and violence, and another 8 years of a president whose ego has its own zip code and who thinks that everything is all about him. I want a president who is a man or a woman of good character. For some reason that has stopped mattering. as evidenced by last night’s debate in his absence it is clear to me but he is not going to be able to put America first about anything. because at the end of the day what’s most important to Donald Trump is Donald Trump and his bruised ego would not even allow him to get out of his own way and put the needs of the people of Iowa and this country before himself. so sorry I’m going to shout it from the rooftops I do not support Donald Trump and I think that it’s foolish for anyone else to either if that seems stupid or arrogant I’m not sure what to tell you I just hope America wises up before it’s too late.


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