Weekly Forum: What’s Your Opinion of Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program?

Every week on Monday, the Council, members of the Watcher’s Council Community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What’s Your Opinion Of Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program?

Don Surber : It stinks. Stalin liked to relocate people to undermine strong ethnic communities.

Angry White Dude : AWD has never understood the great need to resettle Muslim refugees (or any other ethnic or racial group) into the United States. What purpose do they serve the taxpayers who pay for resettlement? Do Muslim refugees have any great skill other than rape, murder, and destruction? I read where 75%+ of all refugees brought into America live on welfare. Plus, the cost is estimated to be $20,000 per refugee just to get them here.

There is much more than meets the eye here. Muslim countries aren’t accepting Muslim refugees. Only the West. Even the Republicans back and set aside funds to resettle Muslims. When Speaker Paul Ryan says he will sue President Trump if Trump bans Muslim immigration, we can pretty much surmise that someone way above Ryan and Congress is pulling the strings. Someone who, like Congress, doesn’t have the best interests of America in mind.

Someone made a comment on my blog this week that said radical Islam isn’t our enemy. We could destroy Islamic terrorism in six months if we wanted. Washington is our enemy. After all, they are making all this Muslim immigration possible at great cost and risk to Americans.

Stately McDaniel Manor: President Obama’s refugee resettlement program is simplicity in itself: let in people from Muslim nations torn with anti-civilization strife, wracked with Muslim against Muslim butchery, and almost unspeakable atrocities committed against Christians, Jews and non-Muslims. Ignore American immigration law, care nothing about whether any of these people will be contributors to America–producers rather than parasites–and don’t bother to vet them–it’s impossible anyway–knowing beyond any doubt that a significant number of them will take the path of Jihad against Americans on American soil.

The more fundamentally incompatible such people are with American representative democracy, the more Mr. Obama and progressives like it. Dump them throughout America and force the states to deal with them.

Forget the fact that this amounts to treason–giving aid and comfort to our enemies in time of war. Barack Obama is impervious to impeachment and his minions are impervious to prosecution. Forget the fact that the beliefs suffusing every fiber of the being of many of these people guarantees that not only will they make no attempt whatever to assimilate American culture, but will do all they can to subvert, overthrow and destroy it.

Mr. Obama cared nothing for these people when their own governments were slaughtering them. He drew red lines and then ignored them. Why then is he now pretending to care so much that he is welcoming thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of jihadists into America?

Votes. Progressivism depends entirely on a pliant, desperate population ready to vote to keep the free goodies coming. Who more desperate than foreigners with no skills, unable to find jobs in an Obama-created economy where nearly 1/3 of working age Americans no longer bother to seek jobs? Who more desperate than foreigners who do not speak the language, know nothing of the culture, and are dependent on the government for their bare existence, even as they plot to destroy that culture and obliterate the government?

If Barack Obama and his progressive enablers and puppet masters were trying to destroy America, what, apart from open civil war, would they be doing differently? This way, progressives can reap the same benefits and scream “racism” and “nativism” at their enemies, while demanding that law-abiding Americans be disarmed when jihadists murder Americans.

For Progressives, it’s the best of all possible worlds. For Barack Obama, it’s par for the course.

JoshuaPundit : Well the first thing to debunk here is that this isn’t about ‘refugees’ at all. You might remember that President Obama’s first major interview after he took office was with Al-Arabiya, in 2009 in which he stated that the United States was ‘one of the biggest Muslim nations in the world.”

That was very obviously not true then, with the CIA Online World Factbook of that time stating that America had well under 2 million Muslims, putting us at 58th out of the 60 most populous Muslim countries. Knowing that, as well as what I knew then about President Barack Hussein Obama my first thought was that it sounded like a goal. Since he took over, this president has imported a million Muslims into America, almost all of them from areas where an animus to western culture, Jews, non-Muslims, women and homosexuals is a given almost from birth. If they’re allowed to stay, the Muslim population can be expected to triple in a very short time because of our family unification policies, de facto polygamy and Islam’s prohibition of birth control. Another little known fact…because of this, it was written into ObamaCare that Muslim businesses and institutions were exempted from ObamaCare’s mandate to provide birth control.They never had to go to court over it.

And the refugees the Obama Administration has been taking in from places like Syria are almost exclusively Muslims. Few if any Christian, whom are in a much more dire predicament are allowed in. So the idea this is about ‘refugees’ is ridiculous. It is about increasing the Muslim population of America. And changing America’s demographics in certain areas, since they are mostly being ‘settled’ strategically in Red State areas in the heartland. Over 30 states, including Texas sued the feds for settling these ‘refugees’ in their states without even informing them of where they were being located or how many. That Texas suit was recently thrown out of court for lack of standing by a federal court judge, a George W. Bush appointee.

America’s experience with taking in refugees has, by and large been beneficial. It worked well in the period from the mid-nineteenth century until the 1920’s because the migrants were carefully vetted and we had no huge welfare state. They came from Ireland, East Asia and Central Europe first, and later from Greece Italy, Poland, the Baltic states, and Russia. They were escaping political turmoil, oppression and in many cases outright famine and grinding poverty at home. By and large, they had compatible cultures, worked hard to assimilate and fit in and became part of our American family.

I personally witnessed two such migrations that occurred even after our welfare state was established. The first one involved Vietnamese who fled communist rule and mostly settled in California and Texas. They literally came with nothing, but by the next generation they were established and their kids were frequently showing up as valedictorians. The Vietnamese, by the way, were mostly Christians. I had the pleasure of helping a group of them in Westminster, California obtain financing for their church. The second involved refugees from the fascist regime in Iran. This took place over the period between 1979 to the mid eighties. The refugees were mostly Persians connected with the Shah’s regime, Persian Jews, Armenians, and Ba’hai. They too assimilated well.

Both groups mostly arrived with nothing and may have collected welfare for a short time, but got off it quickly because that’s simply not how they see things. Both cultures are highly entrepreneurial, and value hard work and education. They fit America like a glove.

I mention them because the current crop of ‘refugees’ is exactly the opposite. They are unvetted, and see the welfare state as a bounty from the stupid kuffar, non-Muslims. Islam places severe constraints on entrepreneurs and capitalism, which is one reason the Muslim world is in decline today. Even the oil states are experiencing social turbulence as it gets harder to buy their way out with subsidies. Education, except for the Qu’ran is not particularity encouraged in most cases, especially for women. And their culture is completely antithetical to America’sn culture.

Yes, these refugees could easily have been settled in the Arab world. But Obama and certain EU governments want them in their countries, as loyal subjects who will vote for their continued benefits and the providers of those benefits.

The Glittering Eye : I think it’s ill-conceived. There’s one thing that He Who Must Not Be Named is right about: we don’t need more immigrants, particularly immigrants who don’t speak much English, may or may not have any marketable skills, and who are impossible to screen.

However, there is a group of Middle Easterners and West Asians that we should accept. There are about 50,000 Afghan and Iraqi translators who have helped us over the last 15 years. They have the advantages of speaking at least some English, being (presumably) reasonably favorably disposed towards us, and they’ve already been vetted at least as well as we can vet people in the Middle East and West Asia. And we owe them a debt of honor.

So, forget the Syrians. Let the Germans take them. We should expedite the visas of Iraqi and Afghan translators and their families. We owe it to them.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason : The Obama Administration’s refugee resettlement program completely and dangerously ignores its duty first and foremost to protect American citizens. Just this week CIA Director John Brennan advised us that ISIS/ISIL has plans to infiltrate and insert radical Islamic jihadists in a global terrorism campaign via these refugee routes.

The administration is bringing in tens of thousands of refugees despite massive opposition by the American people through unconstitutional presidential executive orders. In my state of Florida Governor Rick Scott appealed to the White House to provide information on the refugees being settled in our state. They told him no, that it would violate the privacy rights of the refugees. The states absolutely have the right and authority to refuse refugees unless and until we know who they are, where they come from, and their personal background and history.

In this last year of Obama’s second term as president we are seeing the fundamental transformation of America he promised as a candidate in 2008. This is civilization jihad combined with civilization suicide. This is giving aid and comfort to our enemies within the United States, the very definition of treason.

Well, there you have it.

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