How Do We Stop Mass Shootings?

February 27, 2018

Politics/National Debt

We will never be able to stop ALL mass shootings in America no matter what actions we take.  What we must do is eliminate the conditions, causes, and motivations enabling mass shootings.

Step 1: Eliminate gun free zones.

Step 2: Encourage traditional family values.  Many of these mass shootings have one common denominator, the lack of a father figure in their lives.

Step 3: Value ALL life, born and not yet born.

Step 4: Prohibit sale or distribution of violent video games to anyone under the age of 18. These video games are extremely graphic and damaging to the developing brain of a child.  They negatively impact emotional development and blur the lines between right and wrong, moral and immoral.

Step 5: Stop forcing children to read age inappropriate materials in schools.  It is purposely desensitizing.

Step 6: Get rid of the Marxists teaching our children a dystopian vision of the world, convincing them they have no future, no purpose; and if they are white boys they should be ashamed of their “privileged” status in society. The results we see are a generation of nihilists angry at the world and crying out for purpose and direction.  They are easy pickings for social justice warrior and leftist groups.

Step 7: Restore certainty in the rule of law. Violations of existing gun laws must be prosecuted. Make it a capital crime if a criminal uses a firearm in the commission of a crime whether or not they actually shoot a victim.  There should be no tolerance or concessions, period. The criminal would face life in prison with no parole or the death penalty depending on the laws of the state in which the crime is committed.

Step 8: Eliminate federal interference with local schools and law enforcement. Under the Obama Administration the Department of Justice and the Federal Department of Education teamed up to reduce the number of arrests of students, especially minority students.  Essentially, in order to receive coveted funding dollars, schools stopped reporting juvenile crimes and the crime rates dropped.  Not because they weren’t being committed but because they weren’t being reported.  Too many crimes are going unreported and unpunished.  No one was surprised at this recent mass shooting.  There were over three dozen contacts with local and federal law enforcement agencies, all which went nowhere.

Step 9: Don’t exploit young victims to drive political policy.

Step 10: Protect our schools by allowing teachers to conceal carry in the classrooms if they choose to do so. Our schools should have the same security procedures we see at airports, banks, federal buildings and courthouses.  We protect our “trusted servants” and our money; we must value our children as much.

America does not have a gun problem.  America has a moral problem.

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