Weekly Forum: Are We Headed For A Civil War?

October 19, 2018

Politics/National Debt

Every week, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question, courtesy of Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg: Are We Headed For A Civil War?

Patrick O’Hannigan: Headed for a civil war? I think we’re already IN a civil war; it’s just not as “hot” as it could potentially become yet.

This particular war was started by Hillary Clinton and her enablers in the Democratic National Committee back in mid-2016, when she and they both thought that she “deserved” to be the first female president of the the United States, despite her long record of “failing upward” on the strength of her charismatic husband’s coattails.Hillary fired on Fort Sumter (you might say) by asking — with the blessing of fellow travelers in the Obama administration — whether her Republican opponent would accept the results of the then-forthcoming election.

We now know that it wasn’t Donald Trump and the Republicans who had trouble accepting election results; it was (and is) the Democrats.

How this civil war ends will depend on whether Republicans are smart enough to play the long game that Alinskyite Democrats have been playing for generations now.

Don Surber
: No, we are not in a civil war or headed for one. This is not even 1968 when we had two assassinations. Take a deep cleansing breath and release the air slowly. Make a noise with it. Like a fart — or a boof. Laugh while it is still legal.

Rob Miller: Of course we are headed for a Civil War. Been reading about Portland, Oregon lately? As usual, it is mostly in areas the Left controls, although lately they’ve been branching out a bit. And the party’s leaders and even a fair number of candidates are signalling to the troops that the war is on. Read up on how many GOP legislators and a certain Supreme Court justice are getting routine death threats for themselves, their families and their staffers.

What’s happening right now is is just  the beginning. The actual war will really explode when the mid terms end and the Republicans keep the House and increase their lead in the Senate. We are dealing with a hardcore of people whose only goal and purpose is complete power no matter what that entails.

This won’t be anything like the 1861-1865 conflict. The weapons and tactics will be very different. I will examine some of those tactics and how to defeat them in a coming article.

Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg :No, we are not headed toward a civil war. The left is, first, gutless and would maybe do a few acts of violence and flutter and scream and spit and hit, but, second, there would be no “general uprising.”

There is no more American ideal or single standard. Any “rebels” or “patriots” would be dimed to the Law by their neighbors, who “just want to get on with” their twisted little lives. Or I guess the rebels would be “cell-phoned,” or reported to fricking Twitter or Facebook or Google or some damn thing.

If there were to actually be some sort of physical uprising, it would not be like Washington’s American Revolution or Lincoln’s Civil War.

Because: now, the Power can see in the dark, see through walls, read and hear every word you write or speak, identify and track you from space or a lamppost, read your thoughts, know your every move, and fly a bomb through your bedroom window

Whoever is in charge at that time—or not—would be obligated to put down any uprising. This means killing people. There are always hard cases in any era who will kill ANYbody—for god, country, and patriotism. Rebels would die.

Well..all except for the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and relatives of the licensed killers. And that’s where it would fall apart.

Then the hunters in high political office would become hunted by their own triggermen…uh…triggerpersons.

But that would be personal; not official business.

And then it would be over.

Anybody who still spit or hit or blocked traffic would be dealt with the same way it was handled before people turned over their freedom and souls to kings, queens, cities, the Church, various ass-kicking systems, rulers and their concomitant Enforcers.

There is no stomach at all in the former USA (FUSA) for civil war. Skirmishes and resistance, yes, but there can be no organizing, hiding, operating clandestinely, or otherwise living out the dream of a good battle hard fought and hard won for Freedom and The American Way.

Washington, Lincoln, and Truman are dead. So is Clayton Moore, Humphrey Bogart, Gene Autry, and Trigger.

Laura Rambeau Lee : It’s hard to have a civil war without clarity of purpose or defined sides. Conservatives know where we stand; on the side of our Constitution and our culture of independence and liberty. We also support the Second Amendment and are prepared to defend our lives, our families and our property if we must. The minions on the left, on the other hand, don’t have a clue. The Antifa protestors say they are fighting fascism while acting like fascists. Mobs wait for alerts on their Smart phones telling them where to go and when. They think they are fighting for freedom in the freest country in the world.

Sure, mobs will continue to protest President Trump and any Republican seeking election or re-election and I expect there will be more violence. But the left has been unable to rally around a single issue. There are too many divisions within their own ranks. It doesn’t help their cause that the economy is booming and people are working. After all, we all look after our own self interests first don’t we?

I remember the Vietnam War protests. I was a teenager at the time and supported the efforts to end the war. It was only years later I realized the communists in our country, particularly in our universities, were stoking the fires and riling up our youth in their effort to end the war, not because it was a bad war but because they wanted communism to continue to spread across Southeast Asia and beyond. But they were able to affect a generation of Americans by promoting drug use, sexual promiscuity and nihilism. Sadly these young adults are today’s university professors indoctrinating our children to have no hope and no future in a world that would be better off without them.

No, we will not have a civil war. You can’t rally people with no purpose and no hope for a future. The left has already lost.

And it’s one, two, three, what are we fighting for? Don’t ask us, we don’t know…

Doug Hagin: The answer is no, at least we are far from such a place in this nation. We are divided, which is what the left desires, and the left is pushing to divide us as fast as possible. Leftism furthers itself under such divisions. But, frankly, I believe the left is pushing too hard and is exposing their true nature and goals.

The last thing the left wants is an actual civil war, they would lose such a conflict badly. The majority of police, current and former military, and of course armed citizens would not support the left in a “shooting match”. The left is aware of that If the left ever achieves massive disarmament of the citizens, and could nationalize the police forces, that situation might change but they are far from such a time.

Well, there it is!

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