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Just Label It – Support California Prop 37 to require labeling of GMO foods

October 16, 2012


Great commercial for those in California to vote YES on Proposition 37, demanding that the government require all GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods to be labeled.  Funny that they demand that all restaurants post calorie counts, salt, sugar, etc, etc. on the food they sell, but ignore the labeling of GMO foods.  This is a […]

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The Revolving Door of Big Government and Big Corporation and America’s Food Supply

July 1, 2012

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Last year I published an article on the Food Safety Modernization Act explaining why people from such disparate groups as the Tea Party and the Organic Food hippy types have apparently come together on the issue of our food supply. A new video explains the revolving door of big government and big corporation. It is […]

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GMOs (genetically modified foods) may alter organ function

May 4, 2012


The science is coming out with proof that genetically modified foods are NOT the same as the naturally occurring foods and food products.  The impact on our health is, I believe, already being felt. We have increased incidences of obesity, diabetes, early-onset puberty, immunodeficiency diseases and autism, to mention just a few. The FDA requires […]

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Bill Gates on GM Foods, Vaccines and New World Order

February 8, 2012


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